The first A320neo is delivered

Yesterday the first A320neo was delivered to Lufthansa (reg: D-AINA).

It will fly FRA-HAM on Sunday as its first “normal” flight :D

Such a beautiful aircraft <3


Congrats Lufthansa!


I made a feature request ;)

Noob Question Alert: What is the difference between the normal a320, and the a320neo?

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The engines are different & that’s all really

Engines, specs, small aerodynamic, construction, and weight changes that you can find a compehensive list on in the internet. Google is your friend for questions like this (In other words, google it then ask questions if anything confues you)

Neo stands for new engine option.

The new generation of efficients 320’s is here!!

Those engines though… I love 'em!

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Finally! Can’t wait to get on one of those!