The first 777 heads to the desert

The very first Boeing 777 built is preparing to take off for the last time as it flies into retirement.

Cathay Pacific 777-200
Tail number B-HNL is heading to the desert. Cathay picked up this 777 in 2000 and has been operating for 18 years. Her final home will be the Pima Air & Space Museum in Arizona.


I thought United owned the first 777, N777UA. Since they were the launch customer


Good. I’ll be sure to visit it soon and take some photos.


Aww! That is sad! These days, it’s the A350s and the B787s XD

But I think Cathay is the first to retire their 777.


Wait, you’re right. I did a little misreading there haha.

EDIT: actually no, the title says the “first 777 built”. I think United owns that bird


United owns the first one built to only be sold. Cathay owned the first one ever built (for testing)


Interesting! I didn’t know that detail. Thanks!


@Cameron_Stone is correct. B-HNL is actually 24 years old! That means Cathay picked the plane up when the plane was 6 years old.

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Quick google
B-HNL was owned by Boeing 01/06/1994 Boeing N7771 First Prototype

While United’s 777 was deliver to them in 95


One of the most efficient airplanes now beginning to fall. It is so smooth flying in these planes and it is worth the experience! Hopefully a cargo airline can take it when it gets there!


Never the less still sad to see a beautiful reliable and safe aircraft go but a new generation in the 777X is on the way :-)

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Anybody know when it will actually be in Tucson?

Where to where, is it just bosing decal or airline operated?

Going from Hongkong to Arizona
It has been operating by Cathay Pacific

Sad to see the plane go. It’s been a long time for 777. The 777-200s are getting old and the 777X will definitely overtake them. So long B-HNL…

It’s the 777X testbed. It’s mads out of almuminjm and not carbon fiber yet because it’s more expensive.

People… this is the first B777 ever made that’s being retired, not the first B777 in general. Many have been scrapped already.

That’s sad. I always liked the 777.


Same here, my favorite aircraft right now, until the 777X takes to the skies.

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This will be a nice addition to an already amazing air museum! Can’t wait to return and view it!