The first 35 F delivered to Israel

The first 35 F delivered to Israel
Texas today at Lockheed Martin aircraft plant was first introduced IAF Israel is the first outside the United States you turn the F35
The plane will be December in America where Israelis will train flying in December 2016 the first two planes will arrive in Israel Total Israel bought 33 planes and checks to buy another 20 aircraft

I read… you guys are scrapping the F-16s while we are upgrading it in conjunction with purchasing the F-35s as well…

Well as Israel acquired not the F 35 model A is formed with Lockheed Martin is a special model for Israel model is F35I letter I. Israel and Elbit Systems manufactures the helmet aircraft and IAI of Israel produces 800 wings to Lhokid Martin

Pretty sure when we get ours, it’ll be something like F-35SG as well… Just like the F-15 where the country designator is present

I think Israel is modifying the F-35.

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Yea he said F-35I and not F-35A

The Israeli Air Force also wants to buy 20 or so F35B but the political leadership not ready and want to check if all the problems they say that the F35 really Sustainability

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