The First 2 Airbus A380s are Being Scrapped

It’s happening, the first 2 Airbus 380s are demolished. Airbus 380 is the biggest passenger aircraft and right now, Airbus is having problems with A380 order. 2 Airbus 380 are scrapped for parts after a long period of parking at the Lourdes-Tarbes Airport. 7 more A380 are being to be scrap. The reasons why A380 are becoming unpopular is because nobody wants to fly A380. 😥

Before, Singapore Airlines bought A380 are replaced with older aircraft. These A380 returned back to the Lourdes-Tarbes Airport.

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This might help you understand why.


To say the least, I’m not surprised. Please don’t kill me.


Its not surprising but still sad to the see biggest plane finally starting to be scrapped


Just too expensive to run


Not surprised at all. Will gladly have it on display at CVG, though. 😂


Smaller planes like the 787 and the a350 are taking them over ;-; everyone wants the fly the newer aircraft instead of the old soon we wont have the old anymore… but tthats not till like 2038-2041 its like real life the older ones go and the newer ones stay for a while.



These ugly pieces of crap are finally being scrapped!


@Aiden_Hindmarsh, exactly, like A350. One of A350 is used for the longest flight.
@Joeoreilly77, you are right. It’s too expensive because its space is huge and expensive to buy a ticket.
@Connor, @Cbro4, well, it’s a little bit for me.

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Yea it’s about time to get rid of them. They’re drink was too much gas and aren’t economic for airlines with fuel prices being really high.

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Well Emirates has like 100 A380s not going out of service anyways


As long they have enough money to keep it up.

Unfortunately, it’s their only hope (or maybe, fate). Many carriers won’t take those and even SIA removed them as they were early builds. Which are very expensive to operate compared to newer ones. And they have reached 10-year mark, maintenance cost will be high and it would be hard to find any replacement parts if they have problems with one of the plane’s parts.

Airlines who wish to operate A380s would prefer to take a new one from Airbus or just lease/buy from Airlines which have taken those A380s not long ago (Such as MAB’s frames)


WoW its been a short life for those 380s surprised to see them get scraped so soon


Shame to see these gentle giants fall to this fate. They’re just too expensive and fuel-thirsty to operate.


Kinda glad to see these being scrapped. Never was really a fan of the A380 really.

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What you said is correct except for the reasonings. George got the main points covered I would say, these older A380’s as with any new aircraft aren’t as good as the latest ones in terms of efficiency and even design as certain things are bound to change in 10 years with improvements, for the airlines leasing them that’s the whole reason they do it, they can keep new aircraft, it’s the same reason people lease cars, they want new vehicles with very little maintanence. People not wanting to fly the aircraft is just not correct. Low passmeger loads are due to airlines poor planning and if they can’t make the aircraft profitable well they shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Airlines with existing A380’s would have likely taken them on but the cost of them is still too high and they aren’t worth it in terms of how efficient they are compared to newer models, airlines such as BA were considering these aircraft.


the only problem with the aircraft is that its too big and cant even be converted into a freight capacity like the 747s. i think thats the real reason why it fails


I’m a little sad. These aircrafts are incredible


As much as I like the A380, I can’t say I’m surprised. These planes are outrageously expensive to operate. If they made an A380F I don’t think it would even survive because Boeing already dominates that market.
Sad to see the jumbo whale go. These are the first of many, probably. Without Emirates, we would have seen this news long ago.


If I’m being honest, saw this coming from a mile away. It was only a matter of time until Airlines and Airbus realized this was kind of a waste of resources. This actually happening later than I anticipated. Its been said before, it will be said again, Four-engined planes are a thing of the past. The skies of the future will be buzzing with Two-engined wide-bodies.

Boeing was actually smart of thinking ahead. The 747’s passenger reputation is over, but the queen still lives transporting cargo, and with the 747-8F on the market, It looks to be a steady future for our queen. But, because the A380F never took off, the destiny of this super jumbo was certain to be a failure.

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