The finest in the sky

Hello πŸ‘‹

I recently did a flight from Dubai to Seattle in the DVA fly-out event and it was very looong.
Thank you @DubaiVirtual for hosting this wonderful event :)

Happy Eid al-fitr to those who celebrate it!


Server: Expert
Flight time: 13hrs 53mins
Route: OMDB to KSEA
Cruising altitude: FL310 β†’ FL330 β†’ FL350 β†’ FL370
Cruising speed: Mach 0.84
Aircraft: B77W
Airline: Emirates

Parked far away from everyone else *cries*

"Line up and wait"



Cruising over mountains in Iran

Cruising over Northern Canada

Canadian Rockies

Final Runway 34R

Slowing down

Parked at the gate



Wow so amazing πŸ˜„

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Thank you 😊

Really incredible shots! The amount of editing is just right.

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Thank you! i’m trying not to over edit my pictures haha

Great photos but
It would be great if you could adjust the time to not to make them backlit

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Really great photos dude! Nice editing.

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The airports without building’s look so bland and boring now when you compare them to an airport with 3d buildings.

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Thank you @Captain_Awerty :)

You’re right @Xaro, airports without buildings are boring compared to the 3d airports. That’s why it’s always empty since everyone is flying to the 3d airports πŸ˜‚

Thank you @TheGlobalAviator, i’ll try to adjust the timing to not get a backlit image. Thanks for your feedback!

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