The Final Run - F16 & F18 photography

And welcome back once again to ANOTHER fighter jet edit…
This one (I would like to say), is hot, however, there are no bright colours or hard edits in this, so I’ll keep it to calling this “A Minimalist Fight”.

Sticking to my love of military aviation I took a short and snappy patrol flight with the at the time new F18 Super Hornet over the Netherlands (often completed with the RNLAF F16), and met up with @jnbossies in his F16.

After about 30 minutes of pure showing off, we headed back to base, myself to Eindhoven (EHEH) and him to Kleine-Brogel (EBBL) with the warm September sun slowly fading behind our back.

Enjoy these two moments I managed to capture, emitting pure aviation love and friendship.

Thank you, Jairo.

Jairo’s F16C catching up to my slow and sluggish F18

Final spots of light hitting our aircraft as we sped back home


Great memories my friend ❤️

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