The Final Flight Out - Remembering the TAM A350

Hi Everyone,

As you might have known, LATAM Brasil, or previously TAM, has decided to retire all of its (leased) Airbus A350-900. It is due to the airline’s financial situation and as the CEO said, to simplify its widebody fleet. After the A350s are gone, the airline will be left with an entirely Boeing long haul fleet. Its only Airbuses by then will only be the A320 family aircraft.

These days, everything is unpredictable. Before yesterday’s announcement, there were plans to phase out two (but not all) A350s. A350s are pretty hard to fill up during the pandemic, so that’s why it was not very profitable for the airline.

Still, since LATAM’s A350s are quite new (average 3 years), they may not be scrapped just yet. Though the future for the jets is unknown as for now because, as I said, everything cannot be predictable during Covid-19.

Yet it is uncommon to retire a plane that young. We are mostly hearing of A340, A380, 747 etc. retirements, but as a matter of fact, LATAM is not the first airline to do so. South African Airways was the first to retire A350s in 2020.

This topic is a tribute to LATAM Brasil’s A350s.
I hope you will take one last look at this beautiful jet in the TAM livery. As an A350 fan myself, I hate to say this, but soon the LATAM A350s are no more. Its relationship with the Airbus widebody has officially ended.

Details for the last time

Server: Training
Time: 4620 seconds 1h 17min
Route: SBGL - SBGR
Aircraft: TAM A350-941 (PR-XTB)
Callsign: TAM 350 Heavy

Here’s our flight: PR-XTB, a 2016-built A350-941.
Sad to see this beauty go!

For the final time, Tam 350 Heavy, runway 15, cleared for takeoff. It’s been a pleasure having the 350 at Rio for all these years.

A metaphor of the situation the A350 is in…

The A350 doing a flyby of 09R to commemorate this special yet sad event…

The final turn onto 09R…

I don’t think this plane will ever be able to call me silly on landing again.

Buttering the bread for the very last time…

Reverse green, 100 knots…

Arriving at gate and unloading cargo/passengers for the final time.

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I really hope you liked it and will remember this chapter that has ended, in aviation history.

Thank you very much, to all of you and of course PR-XTB and the other A350s that have served LATAM Brasil.


Hey man, How are you ?
It’s really sad to see theses A350 lefting the LATAM’s fleet 😭, thaks for the mention.
Beautiful pic’s, and also don’t forgot, @Pablo_CG is from Brazil too 😉


Okay, I forgot to tag him haha…

What about @GBKarp?

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LoL didn’t know he was from Brazil too

Extremely sad to see the raccoons getting retired…

I was lucky enough to fly one of them in 2016, just a few months after LATAM started operating them
It was an exceptional experience. Extremely quiet, really stable and the wing is just beautiful


Yes, I’ve flown it three times on Qatar and it was my favourite plane. Better than the 787 ;)

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I got to fly on them 3 times, 1 in July 2019 (PR-XTI) and 2 in January 2020 (PR-XTE & PR-XTH(?)). Lovely pressurization.


I last flew them in January 2021. Best flight ever.



Surely one of the best things of the A350


I never had the opportunity to fly in a WideBody, I was always dreaming about what it might be like to fly in one of these beautiful raccoons from GRU to MAO one day, but sadly no more


Yes and it won’t dry you up like the Sahara like the 777
Even if you’re flying over a desert :)


Maybe an Air France A350 to CDG one day?

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or an A350-1000 to Doha

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A350-1000: Am I a joke to you?

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Corrected it already lmao

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It was previously operated by the A330-200…
It got upgraded afterwards

wasn’t it the 77W?

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It was actually the 77W

Air Frane 🥖🥖🥖 77W at GRU, Jan 2020