The Final Flight for the Queen of The Skies

Hello IFC! Yesterday we were all saddened with the news that KLM was flying their final 747 flight from Mexico to Amsterdam. I decided to fly this in honor of the 747. I sadly never got to witness the beauty and power of the 747 in real life, but thankfully I can at least fly it in Infinite Flight still. I hope y’all enjoy these pictures!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: KLM Boeing 747
Flight time: 10 hours 16 minutes
Server: Expert

Blasting into the cool night sky of Mexico

The white snow capped, Volcán Iztaccihuatl

Off the coast of Florida

The moon shining bright as we cruise along the US coastline

As we cross cover Canada the sun begins to rise

The rocky shores of Ireland

Beginning our descent into Amsterdam as the sun starts to set

On final for runway 36C

One last beautiful touchdown for the Queen


R.I.P 747. You will be missed.


I wonder what the 744 pilots are going to be flying now…



She will indeed be missed 😔

Yea i’m not sure 🤔

I feel like I missed something. Has something happened to the 747

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KLM just retired their last 747

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Yes unfortunately KLM retired the 747 early because of COVID-19 :(

Such a classic livery and Aircraft that will be missed!