The Final 2022 Flyout @KPSP

After 5 successful months of tons of flyouts hosted by me; @Butter575 I thought that for my final 2022 flyout that it should be right where my very first flyout was. That’s right it is Palm Springs! I hope you can join me in this final flyout of this crazy year of 2022 and I look forward to creating more exciting events for 2023!

Event Specifics
Server: Training
Airport: Palm Springs
Date: 2023-01-01T00:00:00Z

Terminal 1
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
01 Allegiant A320 Bellingham
03 Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis
04 American 737-800 Dallas @AmericanB772
05 JetBlue A320 New York @Avaitor1
06 Delta A320 Minneapolis @CaptainE
07 Air Canada Rouge A319 Toronto @AirCanada11
08 Westjet 737-800 Calgary
09 Southwest 737-700 Oakland @Flyin.Hawaiian
10 Alaska E175 Seattle @Ryan_Carney
11 Alaska E175 San Francisco @Lucas_Huang
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
12 Avelo 737-800 Eugene
14 Delta E175 Salt Lake City @Bay_Area_Aviation
15 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas @United403
16 American E175 Austin @UALPilot
17 American CRJ7 Phoenix @RagonDragon
18 United A320 Denver @pom
19 United E175 San Francisco @TheBest
20 Alaska E175 Portland @Zexi_LI
Military Ramp
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
Ramp 46
Ramp 47
Ramp 48
Ramp 49
GA/Private Ramps
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
Ramp 15
Ramp 16
Ramp 17
Ramp 18 Tulip E175 Midway @EnthusiasticAviation
Ramp 19
Ramp 20

Frequency Controller
Ground @Butter575
Tower @Butter575
Departure @United403


  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Please follow ATC instructions
  • Respect other pilots and ATC
  • Act proffesional
  • Have fun!

Here is my very first event at PSP


Might join this one, depends on if I’m available since it’s the new year (this event is 1st January for me lol)


Hopefully you can

After one crazy year, I’m Honored to be the first Sign up!!
Thanks my friend for a wild year of adventures, laugh’s and amazing events


I’ll get you down! Thanks for the kind words

I’ll also help with this Frequency as well

Ok I’ll get you down

Very cool flyout! May I please have this?
04 American 737-800 Dallas

I’ll get you down

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Thank you @Butter575!

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No problem

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The last flight of the year for me😉

Iʻll take this thanks!

@AirCanada11 @Flyin.Hawaiian ill get you both down

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alaska E-175

I’ll get you down.

Is it possible to Sponsor this?

Not for this one. JFK you can over pm

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ima take gate 10 southwest from palm spring to san fronsisco

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Welcome to the community! I’ll get you down for gate 11 because 10 is taken