The Feeling After a Long Bush Flight

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, I decided to do a lovely bush flight around the Alaskan mountains, specifically around the PAPG area. I took the X-Cub for the VFR job and went for a casual fly, landing on a glacier and enjoying the scenery, before landing in Snettisham (7AK2).

Boring Stuff

Expert Server,
Flight time of 2 hours.

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Thanks for viewing, I’ll see you somewhere else!






Awesome shots, I could never bush fly in infinite flight, has to be a fight simulator that has actual scenery, I loved your in interior picture.

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Appreciated, thanks!

You can get used to it eventually, the waters and mountains can look pretty stunning!

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For sure, mountains look semi good, the only problem is your narrowed down quite a lot to specific regions, but hey its a mobile flight simulator, not mfs2020.

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I’ve flown around this same area for Bush Flying with @RitzRegis! My oh my. The scenery is amazing!

Nice photos as well!


Usually I fly the airliners, But I sure will try bush flying one day! Cool photos

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Bush flights = awesome.
XCub = amazing.
Alaska = incredible.
I fly that same combo all the time, it never gets old and it’s incredibly fun.

Awesome photos @Tsumia!

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