The fear of many After the update

I believe that many are thinking; how will my device react after the new update? … It is an icognita as it may be that it requires a poorer quality processor, since the graphics, and other parameters are totally different. This is very good, however, I believe that some android users or who have older devices are concerned, we hope it will be different and that we will all be able to enjoy the new and beautiful updates of the IF.


I hope so too!

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it will certainly be excellent

It’s been said in the past that devices that can handle the current version of IF should not any trouble with these new features. The devs spend quite a bit of time optimizing things in order to make this possible (that’s part of the reason clouds are taking so long). They would likely make an announcement (as they have in the past) if they needed to boost the requirements, but I don’t think that will be the case for this update.


Yes my friend!!!

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