The fastest time recorded in a 320 319 318 on IF

The time in which a A320,A319 and a A318 have gone the fastest speed on Infinite flight
who has got the fastest speed?

Again, please make more sense in your questions.

Do you mean speed? And in real world or in IF?

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it makes sense whats the fastest time recorded in a a320 and a a319 and a a318>?

Do you mean speed?

To give a figure of any fastest times we need to know an initial and final destination.

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or you can just say when your in the sky the speed you were going and the fastest you went in the airplanes listed above

Why don’t you go fly them on on IF out your weight to minimum and full throttle, find out for yourself and see what results you get :)

IM asking the community what they got???

Ok, that’s more clear now :)

Got to 700 knots but then I started to slow down


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that’s really fast cool

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