The farewell flight of the queen for Qantas

Hi all,

Today I went spotting at YSSY, and found these spots, but the main one? The last queen with Qantas.

Without further Ado, let’s get to it!

Firstly, a jet that had one engine removed

Next up, a Delta B77L taking off RWY 34L. This is one of the last remaining in their fleet!

Soon after, we have an Air China A330 off to Guangzhou. The tensions are rising between these two places so we are probably gonna lose this plane soon :(

With photographers standing right behind me, I got this A35K from HK, which shows Hong Kong are still standing strong.

After, we have a Jetstar taxiing along Bravo 8, which was used about half the time lol

Here we are, some shots of our final queen flying.

The flight plan throughout the joy/farewell flight

While we are at it, here is a Kiwi A320NEO

Finally, here is a close-up of the last queen

I am deeply saddened by the retirement of this beauty. One thing I must say is when I was super up close with it, my ears we’re crying for help


Sydney brings back some memories. Cool that you got to see the Queen fly one last time.

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IK, I must say it was a joyful sight.

I honestly thought Gladys Berejiklian (the premier of NSW) was going to be there lol like the politicians n tunnels trend

Farewell Queen! You’ll be dearly missed!

Awesome photos mate, and living in Melbourne myself and being a fan of Qantas, it was great to see the farewell flight of the 747.

You’ve got some awesome photos there mate!

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So sad these planes are disappearing.

Previously Wunala Dreaming

About time you post this. Will miss the 747

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I might have seen you there as I was there since 7:30 in the morning with @Choccymilk and @alexev

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I came at about 10. But cool!

Goodbye queen. Its finally time to close the chapter of the big jumbos in the worlds. Will be missed always, the once queen of the skies farewell Boeing 747.

Sad seeing such a stunning & of course iconic aircraft come to the end of its career. Always gonna remember looking up on a sunny arvo on the way home from work & seeing the queen of the skies coming right into Sydney straight over my head, never gets old!

Beauty shots to remember the moment mate, must’ve been a great day out!


Actually really beautiful pictures, nice angles and everything keep it up if you go spotting again:) Sad the queen is retiring permanently, but it’s the end of an era and hopefully boeing will surprise us with something else

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