The fall of IFSIM

Due to recent controversy and lack of honesty recently the IFSIM discord network has shut down. Now if you were one of the Atc (like me) we would still want to keep you guys together. If you can join this discord it would be appreciated as a sudden shutdown of a discord server means we can’t get hold of you guys . Also due to this we shall be expanding IFF. More news to come

Many thanks
IFF CEO Kieran Lockhart


why did you guys shutdown?

seems like a happy class

It shutdown due to the CEO lying about owning a full motion a320 simulaotr


why would he do that?

Not for me to say idk

That’s one of the funniest reasons I’ve ever heard. People actually believed that he owned a 50 million dollar simulator? Not that much of a controversy or lack of honesty if you ask me.

To be fair, if the (former) CEO owns shares in an airline that has full motion A320 sims, it can technically be said that he does own part of one. Those simulators should be under the assets an airline has.


O gawd…
Why didnt u guys just overthrow his position and move along

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We all have a simulator. Some of us have IF, FSX, XPLANE. technically we bought these games, we own it. Full motion can be interpreted in many ways.


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i wish i had one of those, except in a dash 8 form. great excuse to not do your homework. “Now Billy! Why Didn’t You Do Your Homework??” “Because Mrs. L I Happen To own A 50 Million Dollar Full Motion Level D Dash 8 Simulator.”“I Was Only Going Form Calgary to Edmonton, But Tonight I Promise To Get It Done”


Ahahaha yep brilliant excuse

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Guys do not gossip about the recent events here. It has happened, and is in the past.


I am really enjoying how everyone is taking it so seriously, I’m just doubled over laughing that someone actually believed that someone owns a level-D simulator. No one buys a level-D sim for themselves, they’ll just go for the real deal. (Gulfstream G550/650)


Moderators, time to close this thread. No need for drama and gossip to keep going.

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This only shows what to do if you were part of IFSIM

I was interested in full voice ATC. Even though the founder was a compulsive liar.