The F/A-18, A Fighter Of a Generation

Of course! :)

I could imagine what the rework would do. High alpha maneuvers every day!

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This is the one I’ve been waiting on to see a rework!! I would probably fly this more than any other fighter after the rework. even my beloved F-16.

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Alright how you pull a me this isn’t clickbait! Lol


You must simple tag the beast to capture it.

If only someone would have created a feature suggestion to change that. That would be great, I guess. But who would do that? And if someone would do that, he or she wouldn’t share it here because it could be considered selfish to share an own topic below another one. Or would he? We’ll never know. If only…

Nice summary of the F/A 18 btw!

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Cough - F35…

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double cough F-14…

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No longer in service, but they were when 18s were brought in! Nice catch.



Cough cough. Righttt.

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Haha mate, its a great post. Don’t let my feedback make you think anything otherwise.

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Cough… EA6

I dont count that as a fighter haha more counter air… but we all get the point of the 18 not being the only fast air, and certainly not the first to revolutionise carrier landings or make demo teams…

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If this thing gets real I would have to leave GAF to isolate myself in the Alps with a F/A18C 😂

Join IFGN. We da navy.

Gotta admit I have a bit of motion sickness under 300kts

I just want to boost this because the F/A-18 is soon being replaced by the F-35 (REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE). New information will be added soon.

I like this plane and I sometimes forget it’s just not as advanced as the A-10 and other aircraft Is why are usually don’t fly military aircraft because they never update them

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