The F-35 is operational for the first time

Commander of the Israeli Air Force Revealed the F35 Operated in Syria

This is the first time that the aircraft has been operational in the world

The F-35i Above Beirut


Israel F-35 IMG_0506


The U.K. is starting to receive theirs at the RAF bases so they may do the same soon but likely not. They will probably do a lot more testing before that stage.

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Turkey’s first F-35 is going to arrive in June. It made it’s first maiden flight.

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Yes, this aint’ a newsroom just wanted to share.


I don’t like how we are sharing it with the rest of the world all honesty… maybe a few close close allies, but I think we let to many people have it.

When it comes to money they will let anyone have it.


Great aircraft BVR, it’s a target as soon as it gets into close combat.

Technology will only get you so far, lets hope the pilots are up to the equipment.

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Great aircraft but unbelievably ugly

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I think many people misunderstand todays warfare. During the initial phases of the conflict in Vietnam the US Air Force thought that BVR (Beyond Visual Range) was the end of all conflict.

Get in, fire and get out. Job done!

What they found was that the enemy wasn’t so accommodating. Drop down to the weeds, get topography behind you, hide amongst civilian traffic etc. The methods are numerous.

When BVR fails you then get into close combat which, even given SRAAM and the latest block AIM 9’s is too short for either a rail drop or a confirmed lock hence you get to close quarters gun fights.

The US Navy realised this during the Vietnam war and founded Miramar to train Navy pilots back into the art of the dogfight with first the F4 then the F14. With this aircraft the ‘opposition’ will be training evasion to close range. Then, the millions spent on radar evasion, will be worthless.

All IMHO of course.

It is an amazing aircraft, I’ve been lucky enough to see all variants close up and watch them perform, even mid air refueling. The only thing that holds them back, same with the F22, is the pilots. We used to be limited by aircraft capabilities, but now the aircraft is limited by the pilots. It’s honestly similar to seeing something out of Star Wars when you watch them fly. The pilots literally can’t handle all of the Gs that the aircraft can pull.

That being said, there are some aircraft out there that can hold their own quite well against the 35. The SU community has 1 or 2, the 18 can dog fight pretty well, maybe not as well as the 35. But the 22 I think can handle most of everything.
Infinite flight does not even give due justice to the true abilities of the F22. Ive seen that thing do some crazy stuff.

The current Gen aircraft take an awful lot more human physiology into account than I was ever used to. The Harrier was a pretty ‘upright’ seat, as was the Hawk before it.

Modern jets accept that the prone position is far better, as was demonstrated by the F16, one of the only jets I have even seen that ran rings around me. Would it have locked and resulted in combat? Who knows.

The interesting thing comes down to automatics and morals. How far do we let autonomy go and do we let the kill decision be taken from an empathetic human and given to an emotionless machine?

During the 2nd world war the pilots of the Luftwaffe were ‘ordered’ to kill allied pilots under the parachute. They refused. Would a machine do the same?

Let the humans limit the machine, not the other way around. ;)


Watch Westworld on HBO. LOL

Very true! Especially series 2! We think we know what we build and control! :D

(ironically, is a car which handbrake fails and runs over and kills it’s owner on a hill an autonomous machine??? Make you wonder!)

If you think about it kinda benefits the US as they can know the complete capabilities of the aircraft, rather than be in the unknown.

Its more of a case where the F-35 is the F-22 for them. Maybe because the NAVY wants to keep the F-22 to themselves (for reasons) and keep peace with our allies.

Not really because I’m sure any powerful country would pay top dollar to grab an F-22.

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Well I’m pretty sure no country can get the F-22 as it’s banned for exporting. And there aren’t many of them even operated, the F-35 is far more advanced and suited to what militaries need now and it’s got a lot of orders.

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Oh why… The F-22 is too new (3 years older than the 787) to get a replacement.

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