The… expert server?

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Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear 😂

Needless to say the A380 behind me got kicked!


nah, i wouldn’t be able to put everyone down


nah, i’m not discluding you. i just have too many people to name :)


irl, this would be big news, crash investigations and more, IF should add wake turbulence

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Report us for what
I was just talking about this topic not your violation…
Just trying not bring this into a big argument to where this just closes.

shush. it. up. please. back on track

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From my pov it seems like during the pandemic we had a lot of new users on infinite flight and this caused more inexperienced people flying on the expert server. My first flight on the expert server was just about a month before lockdown and things were diffidently more closely monitored and professional when it came to flying on the expert server. However, about a year into lockdown I started no notice that we diffidently had a lot more people flying on the expert server. With this it came with the fact that having a bigger amount of people flying meant that we would have a greater amount of people with less experience flying. It is very unfortunate that we now have to fly with a lot more in-experienced people but the silver lining to this is that we have a lot more people to fly with now and a lot more busy airports making it a tad bit more realistic.

Last night I was trying to start a fight on a virgin Australia 777 at KLAX while I ended up watching chaos unfold with people taxing through each other and not using the right side of the taxiway. It is also unfortunate that almost all the time when taxing through busy airports like KLAX and EGLL there is almost always someone riding your tail to the runway. I am hoping that soon people will start maturing and being more obedient but for now this is what we just have to deal with.


You have to have at least a private pilot license to be on expert 😎


I completely agree with you. Not everybody is going to respect their own game play but they could respect other peoples gameplay. Having somebody sitting right behind while taxing does ruin the experience sometimes.


Yeah 80hrs is expert. But get 5 lvl 3 violations and you can’t get your grade 5 back for a whole dang year. That’s absolutely absurd. Then you have certain IFATC that are just waiting for someone in a jet to make a single mistake. And instead of sending a warning or a disconnect, they immediately violate you.

This is why so many people are canceling their subscriptions and leaving IF. I know 15 people that have already quit due to this reason. That’s $1,800 dollars they’ve lost right there. And there’s much more than that.

Rumor has it, that MSFS is about to get ATC pro’s. So if that’s the case…. They may be losing my little $120 a year too.

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I personnaly have not found things to get worse recently. I have been here for some time and think expert server pilots behave rather well all considered.

I’d like to add that avoiding “star” airports like EGLL and KLAX helps having a good experience. I wish sometimes ATC would help pulling people out of those airports and open other airports instead.


I had some dude pull onto the runway when I was on short final lmao, if only there was a supervisor cause man was I pissed. On ES, pulled onto the runway in front of a landing IFATC (me) who was also followed by another IFATC, bro’s lucky neither of us were Supervisors.

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even if there is ATC?

This is actually a really good idea to maintain the quality of pilots on the expert server!
But I think it will also end up reducing the number of people that play the game because I feel a large number of pilots just have a goal to get onto the Expert server and then it just fly however :/

I was at KSEA having landed a few minutes before and two aircraft were inbound from two separate directions. The rest of us were using the 16s for our flights but this one particular plane went for 34R. They touched down at 210kts, bounced, nose went skyrocketing up, entered a right bank and crashed into the taxiway that parallels the runway. That was in stark contrast to the other aircraft landing on 16R who had a super buttery landing at a more appropriate speed.


With all due respect, this does suck.

However, we controllers are not robots, and we will not catch every user who has a disregard for our expectations. We are trained to work at maximum efficiency to attain excellence, not perfection.

As a controller myself for some time mistakes can still appear at various points during a session. As much as users complaining about it, and how easy it is to shoot a message about it, our controllers devote hours of their days to training, managing, and ensuring you have a pristine flight.

Life is far from perfect, and it never will be, because it never should be. Mistakes lead to growth, and growth can’t happen without mistakes. Events such as these even occur in the real world, and I don’t see those pilots complaining to ATC or other pilots about realism.

This community is built on growth, and those who disregard guidelines and rules will be held accountable. If it is by us, Infinite Flight Moderation, users who see and report it, or by their own moral conscience for hurting others experience.

The best asset you have is you, and what you can control. Don’t let others who set out for darkness take the bright out of your day.

Instead of posting about it, maybe next time you see it shoot a message and some pictures from your replay to the controller who was active offering some constructive feedback. By supporting one another, success will come.

I was privileged enough to chat with Tom Coughlin (Former 2x SB Champion with the
NYG & HOF Coach in the NFL)
at a family gathering with family friends, and he told me this when I asked why they chose a lower brand than Nike for sponsorship years back:

“It’s not the cleat or gear the athlete wears which determines his speed, but the foot which acquires it.”

In essence for everyone I noticed mention various issues in this thread, don’t blame the Infinite Flight Grading System, for it is more than capable, and has proved so over many years. Let’s focus on us, the ones who can influence change amongst our own. I hope this opens up some perspectives given the general narrative going through this screenshot thread.

Nice photos by the way, it gave a scenic appeal on the departure, despite the spacing unfortunately :)


I know it’s not the most realistic thing people can do. But people are excited to try out the expert server, and even though I agree, we still need to be gracious to the pilots who are learning expert server etiquette and also keep in mind that this is a mobile simulator. It’s not going to be real life. But I still agree, this shouldn’t happen, but just keep this in mind.

This is what I saw today at EGCC. (I’m the virgin atlantic a330). I was preparing my flight plan to Orlando when I saw an a320 get very close to taxiing through me at my gate.

I thought that this was quite disappointing for the expert server.


That’s absurd…

He saw the gap. Jokes and yokes aside.
ES will never loose these people. And this hasn’t anything to do with people learning the rules on ES. This is just ignorant and provocative.
It was mentioned many times here and in other threads: there isn’t much you can do.
I gave up to help this sort of people to learn. They’ll get their „feedback“ one way or another. That’s what I learned in life and in IF(C). Enforce the rules where possible.

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