The… expert server?


This is the stuff on the expert server that makes me incredibly sad. Both users had less than 200 hours and this dude thought it would be cool to line up behind the A380 and take off at the same time. The E175 down there is me watching in agony. This will make some people sad, but we absolutely need the expert server requirements to be harsher. This is not anywhere near expert…


Same thing happens to me all the time. It happens even when there is atc! People just taxi through other planes and dont get in trouble for it!


I was being tail gated for hundreds of miles by an American 787. When I slowed he slowed. It was incredibly frustrating. They need to make the required hours way more


Sadly without ATC being present, there is not much we can do regarding such pilots. IFATC Supervisors can report pilots as well but if they’re also not present nothing much can be done.


Sometimes when you’re bored and start checking on other players on the map just to see where they’re going and finds out there was 4…5 planes on top of each other 😂🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ #Realism


At least 1000 hours in my opinion, maybe more. I’ve seen people with 1000+ hours being terrible. Or there could be some written exam if you’re actually an expert in an aviation field (such as a IRL pilot) but don’t have enough hours.

How can people with 80 hours be considered expert!?!?


The quality of pilots on the expert server has decreased quite a bit.


Something else that I think is funny is at SEA today in IF there were about 5 A380s and SEA doesn’t even support them in real life… except for a few cargo stands.

Even if you make it 10,000 hours required, it’s doesn’t show you skills or your respect of the rule and realistic behaviour.

I think there should be a violation for collision or an warning. Secondo, for people who are not professional in expert server it’s obvious that there is no solution to stop them doing whatever they want.


The main problem with this change to the system it that people who don’t have 10,000 plus hours it would be very hard for users, like me who don’t have that kind of time, if that dose happen to those people it would take them 5-7 or maybe 10 years to reach just grade 3 💀


Idk, I think it differs from person to person. I have barely over 200 hours, but never received a violation (only 1 on TS in my first week of playing, was practicing visual approaches and manual landings and ended up on the taxiway lol).

Anyway, before every flight, I head to the flight radar, check the live departures from the airport I intend to flight out from, and decide which flight I’m going to “replicate”. Then I fill out my FMS, amend callsign to match the IRL flight and do an everything as per ATC instructions. Basically trying to keep the realism up to standards.

If I had to spend 1000 hours on TS, I wouldn’t be bothered even playing the game, as it’s a sh*tshow over there.


Increasing the required hours and/or number of landings will not solve the problem. Pilots could easily farm it.

In my opinion, IF should implement a performance score and based on the score you will have access to the suitable server.

For example, landed safely with the correct speed range will get you +20 pts, taxiing speeds +10, etc

On the other hand, speed violations will decrease your score by a number, taking off without atc call -200, taking off with no enough space between you and the aircraft ahead will also decrease the score.


I scream when I see some people respect nothing, it’s totally unacceptable.


very interesting 💯

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@Mohamed2030 plz make this a feature request. Love this idea


The expert server is far from what it used to be, that goes without saying. However I definitely feel it’s harder to “govern” on a global scale rather than the regions we used to have years back. I agree with many that reform is needed, but there are countless factors to consider and will be hard to find a more efficient way to better the experience. I’ve had many issues lately with pilots from virtual airlines flying like amateurs on the expert server, blatant disrespect towards rules and other pilots. I trust the Developers and Moderators alike to formulate change, it’ll just take time to find ways to filter the bad from the good.


Happened to me this morning too.

5 Emirates came from Dubai and parked in the South Terminal, blocking the taxiway to 34R.
Because they were simply too long for the GATE, 2 got permission to take the taxi route to 34R, but I think one person complained because he was told it was too close to the plane and he wanted to wait.
After his stand-by request, he disappeared from the game, not knowing whether he got a violation or something else.

I know that the A380 update came out recently, but it would be nicer if you stick to the real game here too.

For example, you could introduce rules for those airports that don’t allow A380s.
As with KSEA, before you approach KSEA, you fly out of the game, as it then shows that the A380 has no space in KSEA.

So it should also be displayed beforehand, when creating an FPL after KSEA with A380 it should immediately show an error.
If you simply build to KSFO but want to land in KSEA, you will fly out before the approach.


I feel it has gotten worse over time - when i started out, expert server was still (subjectively) much more professional than it is now… I get its a game - and im not a stickler for realism however I do feel players should just respect the rules to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. And if you wanna have the “real fun” there is always single player or casual server.
Im not sure if minimum hours are the way to go - me for example i simple dont have the time to put in 1000+ hours easily.
I would rather opt for some sort of “qualification” test - make the entry barrier into expert server somewhat higher so you gotta have some committment to enter.
potentially a report function for regular users could also help - i realize this could be abused of course but could be countered with a violation threat on misuse.


Or just implement harsh violation guidelines for following too closely - minimum take off separation, landing separation, landing runways etc… System prompted (like speed) so it also takes effect with atc offline.
i more often than not see users with hugh flight ours yet hundrets of violations (i suspect level 1) in their profile - and more often than not those are the ones screwing up…


for real, I remember the first day of the A380 update, that shi in qatar wasnt even controlled and ppl did what they wanted, I only defend taxing across someone else when you cant see him and you dont know where he is

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