The Expert Server Training Team needs YOU!

The Expert Server Controllers consistently focus on training controllers, whether existing or hopeful to join. This is a massive undertaking and the greatest challenge is finding competent traffic to fly and aid the learning process. This is where you come in!


When a trainer needs a handful of pilots to fly for a trainee they’re currently working with they will post here on this thread with the location, training objective (teaching ILS approaches, basic sequencing, etc), and any other restrictions that may apply to that session.

Pilots flying for a training session should be civil, professional, and mature at all times.

  • Aircraft: B737 or A320 family only
    Note: Trainer may indicate a need for a different airframe (GA, Fighter, or Heavy for wider turns…)
  • Pattern Altitude: 2000ft above field elevation
  • Speed: <250kts

IMPORTANT: Aircraft that do not follow the instructions above, the instructions of the controller, or fly in an overall unprofessional manner will be ghosted regardless of server and subject to other XP penalties. This is a very serious opportunity and we ask that you only participate if you’re confident in your abilities.

Aircraft clearly unaware of the training session will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The Training Team and I really appreciate any willingness to participate and your contribution to someone else’s development and ATC success. Happy Training!

Interested in joining the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Community on the Expert Server? Check out this training opportunity:


In an effort to keep the comment section tidy and free of anything other than training requests please refrain from commenting unless it is in relation to a Trainer’s request for assistance. I appreciate all of you!


Guess I will be the lucky first one. I need 2-3 people to help me on the Training Server 1 KFLL. Please send me a DM after the session with feedback to keep the topic clean.

Edit: (Not active anymore)


Lets help out a potential IFATC controller. 2-3 pilots at {CLOSED}

I am asking for simple patterns. Take off, extend upwind a little, turn crosswind, then downwind, then base, and final. No super tight patterns, follow all instructions and sequences. No playing the “lets see if the controller can handle this” game, you will be ghosted.

Thanks to those who showed up.


It’s that time again, let’s help out a future IFATC controller.

I need you at KFLL on Training Server 1 to fly simple patterns after Tyler’s rules. Hope to see 2-3 community members there.

  • EDIT ( Not active anymore, thanks if you showed up.)

Hello community members!
I need your help now on the Training Server 1 down in Florida, KFLL. Please fly after Tyler’s patterns rules. Hope to see you there now. :)

  • Edit ( Not active anymore, thanks to Balloonchaser and Ksisky.)

Hello no-lifers,

Aircraft: <A320
Pattern ALT: 1500ft to 2000ft above field
Speed <220knots
VOHS, Training 1

Thanks for coming, @CannedAviation and helping “A LOT” and thanks @Niroot_Thonkoksoong! :)

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I need help on TS1 at EDDL in Germany. Please fly as per Tyler’s rules above!
Hope to see people there

Hi guys!
I need now 2/3 pilots at EDDL Ts,
If you can please join us and follow instructions from controller.
See you there

Hi guys,
I need 2 or 3 pilots at VOHS TS now
If you are free please come and follow all instructions

Hope to see some of you there

Guys. 4-5 guys for patterns at EKAH on TS1. Follow all rules, and nothing bigger than a320/b737. Thank you!


Thanks for the help guys 🙄


If someone is needed you can DM me via slack. I would like to help to training some future IFATC. UTC+1

Hi Guys,
I need 4/5 people for patterns at VOHS. Follow all instructions and rules and nothing bigger than A320/B737 please.


I’m on my way… is the citation x acceptible?

Thats good…

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Anyone free?

Airport TBD/ in 10 minutes/ A320 and 737
Patten ALT: 1500-2000 above field
Speed <220knots

I’d be happy to assist!

Send me a PM :)

VOHS/TS1 be there, thanks :)


I would love to come fly the 737 this weekend for your great atcs just PM me when you need me I can fly all of the Boeing family and 75% of Airbus family