The events drop down to gates and such

So I know how to do the drop down but I don’t know how to add gates like with the spaces to put peoples name and such and the gates can someone help me


This text will be hidden

Like this?

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Yeah I guess but like add like more gates so if you go to an event and click like the gates sections it will drop down and you will see multiple gates and names from people who have signed up how do I do that

I hope this is what you mean. Check the above link! :)


Yes this is what I mean so you can add people’s name and the gates they are at

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Terminal 1 terminal 2 terminal 3
gate 1 - @name gate 1 - @name gate 1 - @name
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This link will show you pretty much every Discourse feature. You may bookmark it will be very useful when creating future events.

  • Step 1- Click the tools icon at the top right

  • Step 2- select “hide details”

  • Step 3- replace summary with what you want to title the drop down.

  • Step 4- insert gates where it says “this text will now be hidden” such as

Gate 1: @JeromeJ
Gate 2: @Zach007

There are more complex ways of formatting it but that likely the most basic

Final result

Terminal 1 Gates

Gate 1:
Gate 2:

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How do I do this

As I said above, use the information here. :)


I meant how he did the gates below hide details

When you press on the Summary of the Hidden Details the “This Text will be hidden” is the gate list.

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No like the column he has if you hit where it says gates like the column he put there under his drop down menu

I kind of don’t understand this here. You mean a gate list or a Table? Would you mind giving an example or quote for the feature you would like to find out?

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Nvm I found my solution so

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Okay, seems good.

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(option 1) (option 2) (option 3)

Column 1

And I failed

Hm. I’ll help you out.

Gate Airline Aircraft Route Person Attending


This was copied from my latest event here ;) :[Done!] [9 Came!] It's My Birthday @EGGW - 071800ZJUL19

Basically what you did wrong is space it out. Cramp it up all together and It’ll work.

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