[THE EVENT IS TODAY!] From Bermuda With Love @ TXKF - 171600ZAUG18

From Bermuda With Love

Big Shoutout to @noa3hh and @Balloonchaser for helping me make this event!

Event Details

Server - Training Server

Departure Time - 1600Z - Friday, August 17, 2018 4:00 PM

@ L.F Wade [Bermuda] International Airport - TXKF


1.) Spawn in 10 minutes before the start time for this event .

2.) Please don't show up to this event with intents to troll .

3.) Listen to all instructions given .

4.) Listen to the ATC .

Gate Assignments

Commercial Gates

Commercial Gates
Gate Pilot Airline Aircraft Destination
Gate 01 @TenMileJones Spirit Airlines A321 KMYR
Gate 02 @IanD Delta Airlines B738 KATL
Gate 03 @mkwiecek United Airlines B738 KEWR
Gate 04 @Jeffrey1o2 JetBlue Airlines A320 KJFK
Gate 05 @BostonStrongWill JetBlue Airlines A320 KHYA
Gate 06 @N.ell0113 JetBlue Airlines A321 KMIA
Gate 07 @TheCuriousPilot644 Virgin America A320 KBOS
Gate 08 British Airways 777-300ER EGLL
Area P @OS921 Lufthansa (2018) 747-8 EDDF
Apron II @VAnuj Aeromexico 777-200ER MMUN

Cargo Stands

Cargo Ramps
Gate Pilot Airline Aircraft Destination
Apron III @SouthernDude UPS MD-11F KSDF
Apron IV @Krunchy_Toast UPS MD-11F KDFW
Area F UPS A330-200F CYHM
FBO Cedar Aviation Services 01 FedEx MD-11F KMEM
FBO Cedar Aviation Services 02 DHL 757-200 KFLL

How to Request for a Gate

Don’t Miss Out On This Great Event!


I would love to participate in another one of your great events, but I will be on vacation from the 12th to to 19th:(((

And coincidentally I will be on a cruise ship going to bermuda!


Wish I could join. Tooo early for me. PDT…

gate: 06
callsign: ups 06

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Ok thanks for coming!

Gate: 03
Callsign: American 2549

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Okay! Thanks for coming!

Gate A9 delta a319 to Boston. If you want me in a different gate just message me. :)

Sorry I actually made another event at TXKF the next day. I legit did not see this at all. Hope you don’t mind.

I’m sorry. The only delta flight going to somewhere is Atlanta.

There is a virgin America flight you can take at gate 07.

It’s okay, you didn’t see this one

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I’ll take Apron || to MMUN! Callsign X-SA05

I’ll do tower and ground, if that’s fine

Okay, great, See you at the event!

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This event is scheduled at 12:00 PM EDT.

I’m pretty sure that Boston has a delta flight to Bermuda.

Can I do the delta a319 to Boston