The evening patterns

TONIGHT… ON EVENING PATTERNS :An unamed pilot “me” will be piloting the A318 in high speed tactical maneuvers at USCG-IF Pacific Wing Headquarters. Representing the USCG-IF. On expert server only.

Moderator close if I shouldn’t be doing this.


If you get a violation… Dont come whining to the mods :P

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Why is everyone on here haters. Smh. Yes sir. I understand ur point. Thank you. It’s in my OWN interests not to get violations. Thank u.

Im not a hater. I support you in whatever you are doing but Im looking out for you ;)

Now back to me listening to the Newsies on Broadway Soundtrack

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I shouldve listened to you.

Some liar in a Cessna 208 set me up. He didn’t want med on his runway and turned tight. He kept saying I’m using runway 29 even tho he was IN THE AIR. Never said he was landing. Dude set me up. Had pics and everything. Cessna couldve pm me said to get lost. You didn’t have to ruin everything I was working for.

you got some violations?

He didn’t set you up. He was minding his own business. You were doing your thing. The whole novel is listed out in our PM.