The European Sint Maarten ( FLIGHT 2 )

Before we begin, I’d like to say that I apologize if this tripreport seems a big lower quality or less photos than my others that’s because out of all the flights I’ve been on and posted, this flight had the STRICTEST crew I’ve ever encountered in terms of photography onboard, this isn’t the 1st time this has happened to me it even happened on my American Airlines Airbus A319 flight from MIA → BOG from back in May but what I usually do is tell them this “I’m not taking pictures you guys or others simply the scenery outside” and 99.9% of the time, it works! This time NOTHING worked with this TUI crew.

Greeting everybody form London, UK 🇬🇧🎡 where I arrived yesterday morning from the 305 🏝️😎 with American Airlines and today I continue my journey to Skiathos 🇬🇷🏝️ the European Sint Maarten 🇸🇽 today will be ( or would have ) an exciting flight since it’s my 1st time flying TUI! For those unfamiliar with TUI they are a German 🇩🇪 travel company they own many things like travel agencies, hotels, cruise ships 🛳️ and of course 5 European airlines! Today we fly TUI UK 🇬🇧 the one based in the UK 🇬🇧 mainly obviously 🙄 on their Boeing 737-800 down to our final destination of Skiathos 🇬🇷🏝️ since it does NOT serve Heathrow we had to fly out of Gatwick instead but that doesn’t bother me at all but either way, LETS BEGIN!

Flight Info

Origin: London Gatwick 🇬🇧 ( EGKK )
Destination: Skiathos 🇬🇷 ( LGSK )
Flight Time: 2:50
Boeing 737-800 ( TUI )
Server: Expert

Our gate for this mornings trip actually wasn’t a gate, it was a STAND so we boarded via air stairs, Gatwick overall was pretty nice I still prefer Heathrow but it’s a close second for me this is the main airport British Airways uses for its summer routes to the tropical 🏝️ destinations like Punta Cana 🇩🇴 and Cancun 🇲🇽 to name a few while Virgin Atlantic, their biggest rival still uses Heathrow for those flights, it was about 6am when we boarded and even though I’m never a morning person, I still did enjoy this walk to our 737 especially with the sunrise 🌅

Got a nice wing view for the almost 3 hour flight down to Skiathos 🇬🇷🏝️ overall the seats were okay not to comfortable but definitely better than ANY low cost US 🇺🇸 airline that’s for sure!

It’s been a short few hours LGW but, it’s time to say goodbye 👋 I’ll be back here before I even know it anyways.

Remember the last time I flew a 737-800 where I missed the view of Medellin 🇨🇴⛰️ because I was on the right side of the plane? Well it happened again but even worse, I missed the view of London 🇬🇧🎡 just my luck! 🍀😢

Climbed up to FL350 where the crew began their service, obviously since this was a budget airline, you gotta pay up ⬆️💰 If you wanna eat! I did and I’m glad I did this was still a breakfast meal kinda but it was SOO GOOD 😊😎 I’ll give it 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ better than the breakfast that AA gave us on our previous flight, but this is when “the beef” between me and the crew happened I was taking pictures of the view outside and an FA passes me and says “Excuse me, your not allowed to take pictures or videos onboard!” I told them the usual stuff like “I’m not taking pictures of you or others” etc… but she still wasn’t having it, I just kept my mouth shut 🤐 after that I didn’t feel like arguing since that would get me into BIGGER trouble and just took in and visualized the views instead.

TOUCHDOWN!! Yup already, if you can’t take more pictures 📸 it just makes sense to cut to landing 🛬 the approach was very scenic 🤩 but the FAs were still in the aisles and “they were watching me like a HAWK” but despite this rude cabin crew, the flight itself was great and the captain and first officer didn’t even mind me taking pictures, food was great! seat was also decent! Overall as long as I get a better cabin crew, I’d fly TUI any day! Loved them ❤️ but now it’s time, Welcome to Skiathos! 🇬🇷🏝️ can’t believe I’m finally here 🥹🥲 landing was a bit rough and left of centerline a bit but it is a VERY SHORT runway so no time for butters 🧈 here!

After landing, I got tagged on Instagram from a spotter 📸 here on vacation 🏖️ as well a picture of our 737-800 landing here, definitely a nice shot! 📸 I’ll probably spot on this hill as well now that I think about it! Skiathos 🇬🇷🏝️ despite not getting as much attention as Sint Maarten 🇸🇽🏝️ in my opinion, it’s more extreme!

We disembarked via air stairs AGAIN, and this Mediterranean 🏝️☀️ climate was AMAZING 🤩 compared the cloudiness of the UK 🇬🇧 and the summer storms ⛈️💧 back in the 305 🏝️😎 and get this, I took this shot and the FAs nor ground staff didn’t say ANYTHING apparently according to them photography inside the plane is bad ❌ but out on the ramp ✅ enough of the cabin crew, I know made my way through passport control 🛂 which was below average but not at terrible, got my rental car and made my way to my Airbnb up in that hill but as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉


I’m surprised I didn’t see you, I have been flying a lot into Skiathos lately

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I was having live server issues ( storage issues ) and nobody was showing up thats why maybe

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Cool trip report! I haven’t thought about the TUI 737-800 in a while! I like the spotter picture you included, that was a nice touch. I’m sorry you had such a strict cabin crew though!

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yeah better luck next time

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Are you gonna do the return one ? Excellent job here

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of course I do the returns as well

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Ok , sound really good ! Because you’re doing an amazing job !

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Thank you!

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