The EURO 2024 Fly-In

Hello, and welcome to our first IFC Event! Join us as we are uniting VAs to celebrate the final of this awesome EURO in Germany. If any VAs would like to join, just write a message right underneath in the comments.

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At this event, we want to unite people to celebrate the EURO 2024 in Germany, where since 1960, European Countries fight for the shiny EURO Trophy. In the following table, you find the most important informations regarding this fly-in.

Date: 14th July 2024, day of the EURO 2024 final.
Time: 19:00Z - 21:00Z
Aircraft: If you are pilot, please pick a relatively small plane, so Berlin isn’t this packed.
Airport: Berlin-Brandenburg Airport “Willy Brandt” (EDDB)

VA Name Departure Airport Arrival Time
@DeltaVirtual Paris (LFPG) Not set yet
@DubaiVirtual Dubai (OMDB) Not set yet
@FinnairVA Helsinki (EFHK) Not set yet
@TurkiyeVirtual Istanbul (LFTM) Not set yet
@Thai-Airways-VA Bangkok (VTBS) Not set yet
@easyJetVirtual Luton (EGGW) Not set yet
@virtualsas Stockholm (ESSA) Not set yet
@QatariVirtual Doha (OTHH) Not set yet
@AF-KLM_VA Paris (LFPG) Not set yet
@ARGVirtual Buenos Aires (SAEZ) Not set
@EgyptAirVirtualGroup Cairo (HECA)

EURO is a football trounament, happening every 2 years after the World Cup. The tournament will be happening from the 14th June till the 14th of July. The games will be held in 10 different stadiums, in 10 different cities, like:

Hosting Citys!

Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Köln, Leipzig, München und Stuttgart.

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Awesome concept. Will sure be there.
Please refresh the Discord link.
Thank you.

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Will be there!

Thank you for attending.

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As a pilot at this VA and an absolutely massive soccer fan Calm down Europeans I know it’s football I will definitely be attending!

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The notification just popped soccer and I came rushing to cook.


%100 Attending this amazing fly in!!

HECA is the code for Cairo Int’l 😉

I will also absolutely be joining 😆

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It’s always awesome to fly from HECA✈️.