The Erickson Crane!

During our transition From Erickson Alaska to Pathfinder Aviation one of the final salute to us was the time our S-64 Erickson Skycrane came to Anchorage!

The S-64 is the civilian model of the Sikorsky CH54B. Erickson bought the Type certificate in '92 and has made over 1300 different changes from the CH54B. Our S-64 was an original CH-54B that came to Anchorage for a construction contract!
It made two one coming from our HQ in Oregon when it came to Anchorage, refueling in Bellingham WA.
Please enjoy these shots of me next to our Crane and the S64!


Made famous thanks to GTA 4 right?


Alright you lost me there, does GTA 4 have a crane?

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It has this I’m pretty sure. I have never played the game just watched it on YT when I was younger and board.


Hey Gypsy Lady!
That’s pretty sweet I never knew that!

Are you sure that isn’t gta San Andreas?

EDIT: it is GTA Vice City


Damn, always wanted to know what this helicopter was called!

That’s a really funny looking helicopter

You are welcome!
It’s officially the Erickson S-64 Aircrane, the Official name for the crane when it was the Sikorsky CH54B Was “Tarhe” which is named after an18th-century chief of the Wyandot Indian tribe!

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Honestly it is a really unique and badass looking helicopter. Cheers man!

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While it looks funny it holds a record for the fastest climb Altitude in Horizontal Flight, of 31,483 feet

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It is! I am hoping to get Typed in it one day! It’s loud, and noise but I love it!

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This helicopter was parked at my local airport (MESA GATEWAY) for a couple months. I often stopped by to look at it! Very cool aircraft! :)

Helicopter sir* Lol that’s awesome! The crane is a beautiful site!

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Must be awesome to get that close! A few of these operate in Australia to fight bushfires.

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Perks of working for them ;)


Saw one of those bad boys come into my home airport a while ago. Awesome machines

I didn’t know aircraft could look this hideous… wow.

Welcome to the world of Aviation!
Here’s the Crane’s Russian counterpart the MI10


I’m not well versed in GTA because I used to watch it on YouTube but now I only really watch things about aviation.

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