The Epic Spotting Topic - Where Have You Spotted?

Where have you spotted?

This is a topic where spotters all over the world can post a few pictures from the airports they have spotted at.
If you have been to an airport and want to share photos from there, feel free to do so!
Whether it be airshows, regular spotting trips, and terminal spotting, you can post it here!

Post a few photos from each of your new spotting trips!

That’s right! If you go spotting at the same airport you have already been to, don’t be afraid to post a few photos!

Example of a post:

Hello community! I have recently spotted at ORD, and I would like to show a few pictures:

Guidelines: To set a few rules

  1. Please only post a max of 5 pictures per post to avoid clutter.
  2. You may post all the airports you have been to, and you may make multiple post (1 for each)
    3.You may post all new spotting trips, but please avoid old ones at your home airport. You may post about different airports you have been to in the past with pictures. (My home airport is IAH, so i cant post my previous spotting trips and only my new ones. I can post about ORD because I have been there in the past and it was something other than my home airport)
  3. Feel free to give advice to everyone.
  4. Share what you think is valuable of sometimes to look at. Don’t post a random dot and say it’s an airplane in the sky.

Spotting Guide

If you need any tips on an upcoming spotting trip, feel free to look at this guide I made:


Sorry to burst your bubble but this is literally exactly what #real-world-aviation:spotting is for itself


Good pics though, @JRRaviation be sure to post the rest


I’ve been on the RJ788 too which is nifty