The Epic Canarsie Approach & Landing Into New York JFK

Last year I flew into New York’s JFK airport from Dallas/Fort Worth in American’s 737-800. Upon landing, I was surprised that we were flying the famous Canarsie Approach!

Here’s a video of the landing:

If you’ve never heard of the Canarsie approach, it’s basically a final last-minute right bank into the JFK airport:


Here are some photos of the last-minute right turn into JFK, taken from the video:

In the last picture, you can see the British Airways A318 that arrived from London City.

Now, I’ve got a question. How rare is this approach? It doesn’t seem to be too common, from what I’ve read online. Does anyone track JFK’s landings?


It all depends on the winds. This approach hasn’t been done since the beginning of 2019 because of the runway renovation, but now that it’s complete, you should expect this approach to be done a bit more often.


I do! Along with a few other JFK nerds, of course.

The Canarsie Approach, official name being Parkway Visual, is a visual approach and so is only done when visibility permits. When the winds are just right, this approach is used. It is not the primary or preferred approach method as it goes over a lot of residential neighborhoods, but when it is in place, it is quite a treat to see planes fly low over the Belt Parkway.


I love the canarsie! It’s the worst for spotting, which I used to do at JFK. But for flying, it’s awesome! I’ve probably landed on 13L 5 or 6 times now and everytime it’s really fun! It’s really not all that rare though.

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Mannn that approach is sick. 🔥
I hope to fly it one day if I’m ever flying into JFK.


I’ve done this approach on an a346…It’s was a lot of fun. And yes, you bet us JFK nerds track the arrivals all the time! I live under the 22’s so I’ve usually got an eye on the sky.

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Here’s a photo I took on a JetBlue A321 coming in from MCO on the Canarsie landing on 13L from last March. Great view of Manhattan, definitely one of my favorite approaches ever.

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If I am correct, the BA A318 makes a stop in Shannon, Ireland, right?

Yup, westbound coming from London. The plane can’t be loaded with all the fuel it needs coming from London City since the runway is too short, so it refuels in Shannon and passengers pass through customs and arrive at JFK as a domestic flight.
On the JFK-LCY leg, the flight is nonstop,.

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@Ishrion… MaxSez; Great Topic, took the liberty of downloading the complete “Parkway ( Canarsie ) Visual Plate” for my use. Posted below for All Hands;


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I haven’t seen an aircraft do that in a while! They can do that now that the construction is finished!

Really cool!

That’s an interesting approach, haven’t heard of that one before.


We got the Canarsie. At night it’s so awesome. Love NYC at night!

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