The Enterprise flies again!

For the first time since June of 2019, NCC-1701(U.S.S Enterprise)‘s engines were fired up after a years worth rebuild since being flown into KPAE for her phase II rebuild which is complete.

However, she still has a lot of tests to condone before being flown back to Amsterdam to ensure the safety and quality of pilots and Skyfleet. The certification flight still has to be passed, ETOPs certification and many more! All which should take no more than a mere 30 days with over 15 total tests.

The first test that was done August 2nd was a 2 hour long cruise test around the state of Washington which ensures the aircrafts performance at cruise. The Enterprise has a certified service ceiling of 39,000 feet. Stay tuned for updates and for the next test flight which should be later this week!

Photo taken on the expert server with the KLM 777-300ER! No edits this time! Taken 8:22PM PST pacific


Im gonna ask some questions.

  1. What is that USS Enterprise?
  2. Why is there a 77W?

Sorry for asking but i am just confused

It’s a rather long story… if you’re in IFFG On Facebook, just search for posts under my name and you’ll see.

I guess this is not the USS Enterprise you are talking about:


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That’s her phase II refit build. I like to imagine things so let’s just say that. 🖖🏻

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