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One minute of silence to remember the deat on the day


It’s not even September 11th. We already had a topic go bad because of 9/11 and creating a topic over a minute of silence would be pointless. What are we supposed to do? Not comment to show our respect or what? People take 9/11 very seriously so please do not post anything about it.


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Agreed. It’s a touch mawkish. Almost like its a competition to see who cares the most. I’m sure the OP means well though.


@philippe .


Unless i am mistaken, there is no mention of 9/11 on OP’s post so why the complains? While 9/11 was a tragic event, there have been many other events, some with a lot more victims, that OP could be referring to.

This kind of post is welcomed as long as it is respectful; if you feel it happens too often then do not enable them by commenting, just let the post die without any comments!


If you click the pencil icon to see edited versions of the post, the original title included 9/11


Yep, missed that, thanks.

Doesn’t change my initial comment expect that now it is more confusing.

Closing this topic.

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