The end of the Queen of the Skies' Reign

As many of you know, multiple airlines around the world are retiring there 747s. And only a couple airlines have orders for the 747-800. So here is my question, how do you feel about this?

It’ll have low prices in the 2nd hard market, so you’ll see it for some more years.

I don’t know what to say. I already knew of this. But, there is nothing we can do about it.

At the end of the day, the sun hasn’t to set. But it has been one of the most important day in aviation.


It’s a 747-8, not 800!
I hate to see them go, although I understand why. :(

United is getting rid of hem by the end of 2016

I’m feeling sad if all the 747’s are stopping 😭

I think the reign isn’t over until every single 747 isn’t flying! Even if only one still flies, she remains a triumphant queen- more beautiful and elegant than any lumpy A380.


There’s over 100 748’s in operation, and they’re all pretty much new so I doubt they’re going anywhere for a long while.

747 will be around for years to come. I understand the 747 is being retired en masse right now but after thinking about this for a while, it’s all just melodrama. The 747-8 will be around as a freighter, assuming the passenger examples are parked without fullfilling their full service lives, 747-400s will not disappear, some pax examples and many freighters will live on.

If anything, all this crying and drama should be placed on the 747-200, which is not too far away from disappearing Once Kalitta, Mahan, and Iran Air park theirs, the last significant operators of the type will disappear. Iran isn’t too far away with that sizable A380 order, Kalitta could pick up some of the -400s in the yards and convert those, Mahan will have to wait but if they choose to take up additional A340-600s to replace some 747s, then possibly only the 300s may be left for them

Not to mention Air Force One, which is a modified -200.