The end of an era

As some of you guys know, the last Boeing 747 will be delivered to Atlas Air at 1:00 PM PST

It will be missed dearly by us AvGeeks #ThankYou747


And that marks the end of an era :(

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Nooooooo! I feel so sad 😭 literally weeping right now!


We will miss you, Queen.

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God bless the Queen, she’ll fly into eternity.


You can use this for the special route tomorrow.

Maybe there will be a 747 fly out here on IF?

Queen of the skies will live on forever

If you’re interested in flying along with the final flight, here’s their FPL. 👑

KPAE SEA TAGOR NORMY FITGA WINIM CUNUR CASHS EAT 4700N/11924W 4723N/11930W 4714N/11915W 4712N/11901W 4714N/11848W 4728N/11831W 4714N/11816W 4711N/11803W 4714N/11750W 4722N/11733W 4707N/11739W 4708N/11811W 4708N/11856W 4706N/11926W 4637N/11918W 4638N/11909W 4657N/11856W 4657N/11913W 4701N/11913W 4701N/11849W 4637N/11904W 4638N/11831W 4657N/11831W 4645N/11841W 4645N/11831W 4643N/11831W 4643N/11849W 4701N/11834W 4701N/11827W 4638N/11826W 4638N/11813W 4657N/11800W 4657N/11816W 4701N/11816W 4701N/11753W 4637N/11807W 4637N/11749W 4707N/11739W 4713N/11737W HLN DPR MCW JOT CEGRM5 KCVG


Thanks will recreate later

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I’m not crying you are

As she landed, the 747 era ends, #ThankYou747 ❤️

“Desi Evans worked for 45 years at Boeing, including as a production manager on the first 747. To this day, he can conjure amazement that the beloved beast flies…The size of it and - good grief, and the tonnage - you know, when you’re talking about between 3 to 400 tons of aircraft, it’s absolutely uncanny, isn’t it? And yet it just floats, doesn’t it? Absolutely floats.

from: Boeing delivers its final 747 jet, ending a run of more than 50 years : NPR


I’ll add this to the topic, thanks!

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It’ll still be flying folks! Has anyone seen the 747 and crown spelled in the sky?

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Yes indeed.

No but I want to see it. Where could I possibly find it in the sky?? Maybe a constellation somewhere

The 747 was one of the most successful planes in Boeing history.