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What about pro? Wonโ€™t that restrict?

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Nope we fully support people that donโ€™t have pro.


So regional flights like Yssy-yscb etc?


Yes itโ€™s 100% fine, we fly everywhere in the world unrestricted so any route is fine.

Just realised I used my personal account instead of the VA account.


How will you know about how many hours done

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By filling out a log in our crew centre.

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This is honestly one of the best VO threads Iโ€™ve ever seen! A huge well done @Qantas094 ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thank you for the complement, we really appreciate it.


Just applied to recruiter. I love this idea.

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Can I get that levitatingA380๐Ÿคฃ?image

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Yes you can for the low price of only $99.99 a month, call now! JK



Gโ€™day all, we have officially partnered with the following events!

If you would like us to partner with your event feel free to shoot us a PM, we are also regularly checking the events category for possible event partnerships.


I have applied. Now I wait :))

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Gโ€™day all, with the recent suspension of @Matt_Croatia001 he has had to step down from his role as COO. From the team here at PFG we would like to thank you for your time and everything you have done here for us and we hope you enjoy the rest of your life.

With that being said we are now in need of a new COO. They would need to be active, responsible and mature, below is a more detailed list of requirements.

  • Must be Trust Level 2 Member or higher
  • Must be 13 years of age or older
  • Must be grade 3 or higher
  • Must have access to Slack
  • Must be mature
  • Good standing on the IFC
  • Active everyday

To apply for the position simply fill out our application form via the link below, applications for other positions are still open and available.

PFG Apply Here Header


Gโ€™day all, we are still in need of a COO. To apply press on the image below and it will take you to our application page.


See ya in the Infinite Flight skies,


Gโ€™day, we have officially got a VA email and Twitter account. Our email will be used for all current and future accounts we make, it will also be used if we need to contact you because you have been removed from the VA because you have been inactive. For our Twitter account we will post videos, pictures and updates on there.


Twitter: @PFG_IF

Thereโ€™s more to come from us in the future so stay tuned.


Gโ€™day, today we are proud to announce we have a new COO. They have worked in a previous VA as a CEO and other VAโ€™s as other staff positions. They are @Latvia. We are very proud to have them on board with us and we canโ€™t wait to see them succeed with us. From all of us at the @Private_Flying_Group team we welcome you to our VA.

Some of you may have been wondering where our VAโ€™s opening event is. Good news itโ€™s coming soon. Itโ€™s gonna be based at Melbourne and in December of this year. We are really looking forward to this event.

Thereโ€™s more to come from us in the future so stay tuned.


Gโ€™day guys, with the release of the A350 comes a new member to our fleet, today we took delivery of our A350โ€™s. They will be used by some of our more experienced pilots. The aircraft has a fuel flight time of about 22 hours and 19 minutes. The aircraft can seat a maximum of 440 passengers and carry 41,000 kilograms of cargo. The aircraft is the most advanced aircraft in our fleet, the aircraft features 6 beautiful and advanced screens to display information to the pilots. He really hope youโ€™ll love this new addition.

Moving on with our announcements we have an all new upgraded Cessna 172 Skyhawk, this aircraft will still be available for everyone in the VA with no extra experience needed and extra training. The aircraft now has an awesome live cockpit, thereโ€™s two versions available one with G1000 screens or steam gauge version.

Moving onto the last of our aircraft announcements our Daher TBM fleet now features live cockpitโ€™s, once again no extra training and experience is required and the requirements to fly it are still the exact same.

Moving on to non aircraft related things, our applications are still open and we are still after some staff members. Pilots and air traffic controllers are also available.

From everyone here at the Private Flying Group team we wish you all a Happy New Year and we hope to see you join us in the new year and decade.


Gโ€™day all, today is a very sad day in the Infinite Flight Virtual World with the sad collapse of yet another great and unique Virtual Airline. Today I am officially closing the doors on Private Flying Group affective immediately. It was a great experience during the short time the airline was around. The reasoning for me closing the doors on Private Flying Group is the lack of activity in the VA despite my attempts at encouraging activity. I would like to thank everyone that has been part of Private Flying Group and everyone that helped it come from a sketchy idea to a reality. A special big thanks to @Chris_Hoover for helping me during the approval process and approving of the VA, and a second big thanks goes out to everyone part of the IFVARB I couldnโ€™t have done this without you. Donโ€™t worry though, I have started planning out a new VO that youโ€™ll see in about 6 months.

Have fun, stay safe and Iโ€™ll see you in the skies!



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