The End of an Era | China Southern Airlines retired the last two A380 today

With another peaceful day at ZGGG, China Southern Airlines has retired the last two A380s(B-6139&B-6140) without any official ceremony or blog. Fortunately, there‘re still have some aviation enthusiasts see our big guy out for the very last time.

I still remember the ceremony when the very first China Southern A380 arrived. The airlines painted a huge slogan on their website which said “Fly different”. But now, the one who make the airline’s confident has passed away. Fly is indifferent now.

I would like to end my sadness with a Chinese poem:

On the road ahead surely will be friends dear and true
Throughout the land is there anyone who knows not you?

Let’s say goodbye to our Chinese “super” callsign.🥲


good bye大胖”Dapang”(This is how Chinese call it :)


I’ll miss the A380s for sure 😢😢


Sure will miss it. Hope we get the livery on the rework.


The A380s are really dying, unfortunately and it’s sad to see one by one A380 and airlines retiring this revolutionary aircraft.

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Can’t agree more!
If it’s happened I’ll definitely fly around the word with it!!!

Yeah… Our big guy is dying in our real world… But that’s why A380 have an overwhelming victory in our Infinite world!!! We will remember how beautiful it is.

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This is such sad news.

I give my “F” in the chat


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I can catch you haha

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