The Emirates aviation experience in London

In London at the moment and Emirates has a aviation experience down at North Greenwich, so today I went and had a look at it, enjoy


Very nice , no First or Business class experience ?

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Amazing I went to London many times but never there, should do it one day

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Been up to London hundreds of times but never been there. Will go soon. Probably the summer.

If your looking for something else to do while up in greenwhich can I recommend the ‘up the O2’ great view and to make it aviation related when at the top you are right below final approach to london city. Would be a good day out in that area of London.


Is that the cable car sort of thing?

There is a cable car also you can walk over the top of the o2

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I have been here, I got to use the B777 sim and the A380 one as everyone wanted to use the A380 one so they switched us and gave us more time. It’s brilliant and the Emirates Air Line is amazing as well just don’t go on it if you don’t like heights.

Oh, I’ve been there - it was great fun 😀
And I had a go in the simulator (great birthday present from my parents) :D


looks pretty cool. I work the other end of the River Boat service so might have to check it out!!

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The flight sim is great.

The flight sim is very overpriced for what it is. It has very limited functionality. If you want a good experience on a sim you would be best advised spending your money on a fully functional fixed base sim.

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What functions does it have? I am trying to compare this one against the iFly experience over at Westfield which is a fixed base B737 sim.

It has limited functions. The side stick works the throttle leaver thing works and the screens work. That’s about it. The rest is automated


It’s basically a fake cockpit with screens in the windows which are all fixed, you control the throttle and the side stick/yoke that’s pretty much all you do.

When they first started it, you could only control the side stick or yoke, rudders/toes brakes, and throttles - that was it.

They did some work on them maybe around 1.5 years ago and now the flaps lever works and so does the speedbrake.

Apart from that, nothing else works and no other button to push.

The iPilot experience which was at Westfield and has moved somewhere else now in London is a fully functional fixed base - although I personally don’t think it is a particular great sim. In terms of good ones the Virtual Aerospace ones scattered around the country are pretty good fixed based sims.


thanks for the review…it is a pressie from my wife for a milestone birthday…but has to be in a location that suits her as well as the bank!

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It’s good if you have never used a proper sim before like me, plus if you go on the cable car it’s overall a brilliant experience.


Never used a full sim before, though am a lapsed glider pilot! Combined with the other features, and importantly keeping Mrs L happy, I think this could fit the need well!

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Anyone know any good flight simulators in London?

No, disappointed, I was quite tired, was in the mood for a lie flat bed