The Emirates 777 and 380 service facility.

Hey guys! I read a really cool article yesterday about the Emirates 777 and a380 service facilities in Dubai. You can take a peek here hope you enjoy the article!


Dang that engendering facility continues to amaze me

Yeah I mean 136 acres of roofed free standing building is amazing and especially what they do inside of that is amazing.

great pictures and desciription of someof the work that they undertake. You might be intrsted in checking out this documentary of a D-Check being undertaken on a BA B744.

Whilst not involved in a avaiation maintainance, as I am in the Merchant NAvy I have done many Dry Docks over the year which is very simular.Lots of hard work but seeing bits of a vessel you wouldnt normally see when she is in service.

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Thanks for the interesting video will defintly watch later!

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