The Emerald City to the city of “Los Anchorage” in the Delta 737-800

Hey guys!

Today, for the first time, I flew KSEA to PANC with a 737-800 while wearing the Delta Airlines livery.

No more blabbering on, because the pictures are ready to be viewed by human eyeballs!

Parked at gate A2 at KSEA as an Alaska 739 lands and a beautiful Mount Rainier towers in the background.

Flaps up as this Delta Comfort Plus passenger enjoys the view of Mount Rainier and some other mountain that I don’t know the name of @Robertine help me out 😂

Blasting out of a beautiful Seattle on our way to the city of “Los Anchorage”.

After cruising for two hours, we are approaching Sitka, Alaska. It’s beautiful. Here are some epic mountains.

Now approaching Juneau, doing some ETOPS (I think, lol)

Even the 2D parts of Alaska are just absolutely stunning!

Spot the plane and try to count the airports! Closest guess after 2020-05-23T01:00:00Z gets a shoutout and a cookie!

Mostly buttery touchdown with good crosswind correction on runway 7R. The winds were nice and turbulent, just like I like it.

Parked at Concourse B after a lovely flight! Passengers stopped by the Cinnabon that’s right by the gates because it’s just irresistible.

Thanks for looking at my pictures! Do let me know which one was the best!

  • Parked at KSEA
  • Passenger view
  • Blasting out of KSEA
  • Sitka mountains #1
  • Sitka mountains #2
  • 2D Alaska is stunning
  • Entering right downwind for 7R
  • Buttery touchdown
  • Parked at Concourse B feat. Cinnabon

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Someone ask me why we locals call it “Los Anchorage” 😂

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Why…? Your title threw me off. I read Los Angels at first 😂

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Anchorage’s crime rate is crazy. It’s more than Los Angeles most of the time. It’s a name that we locals have adopted for our city 😂

It’s not bad, but it’s pretty bad, you know?


Los Anchorage is such a better city than LoS aNgElEs (because, mountains). If only we had 3d scenery up there.


Very nice :)

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Mount Adams

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What are you tryna say?

Amazing photos!!

One day, those mountains will be springing up with joy!



One day…

Thank you! :)

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Did you spot the plane?

I have not found it yet.

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Oof Lol.

Keep looking 😂

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I actually forgot where it was but I just found it and realized… it’s kind of difficult 😂

I say this to you because not anyone else know what this is:

I’ll delete this once you’ve read it

I got a kick out of “Los Anchorage” sad but very true

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That hint is all I need ;)

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Glad to give someone a kick!

wait a minute…


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@anon38496261 I found the plane.

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Good job 👏

Here’s your shoutout and your cookie 🍪

did you use the Seward highway hint…

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