The Embraer E-190 E2's Maiden Flight

I don’t know how long ago this was, but this is a truly amazing aircraft, an aircraft for the future. I can’t wait to see this go into service! I can imagine the jetBlue livery on it now!


I think like in May or June…anyway I posted about this time ago when it flew for first time, but it’s closed. :)

I see they made the wing start from the base, go up, and curve downward to a level position. Why is this?

That’s a beautiful aircraft…the engines look almost as big as the fuselage 😂

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Beautiful aircraft, although it has tough competition with the Bombardier C Series.

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Those engines look amazing.

It looks like a E190 fuselage with 787 wings and 777 engines. But it looks nice


The aircraft has a really bulky belly.
It looks like it’s pregnant. ;)
I wonder why.


Wings look amazing on it. It is very nice I would say.

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