The Eiffel Tower to The Golden Gate Bridge

The 11 hour and 45 minute journey from Paris to San Francisco is my favorite long haul starting today. I flew over so many scenic areas, definitely worth the time!

Its Ironic because i ate breadsticks from Olive Garden (Representing France) the hour before i departed and had a nice ham sandwich for lunch (Representing San Francisco) before my arrival. I flew this route with the newly reworked 777-200ER Air France. I also got to do my first long haul with my new 12.9 inch Ipad Pro letting me run all high settings! Enjoy!

Gate E32 | Paris Charles De Gaule

Cargo and Meal Service Arrives 45 minutes before pushback. Our Departure gate is in Terminal 2 at gate E32!

Departure | Paris Charles De Gaule

โ€œGear Upโ€ as we depart Paris on 26R

Irish Plaines | Eastern Irish Coast

Flying over the Irish Coast was busy as over 120 aircraft cross Ireland before headed to the Americas.

Oceanic Track Z | Northern Atlantic Ocean

The Northern Atlantic Ocean was super busy, 3 aircraft were in a 2nm radius with my aircraft the entire way through. Heres just a photo of Track Z

Glacier National Park | Northwestern Montana

Speed Up as we pass the Canadian Oil Plains, we enter the USA and we pass my favorite state, national park, and city! Flying near Helena, Montana, we pass Glacier National Park. The wing view is outstanding as you can see the Red Rock of the Mountains.

Mount Shasta | Northern California

Mount Shasta is a large volcano in NorCal. Itโ€™s an absolute beauty!

The Bay Area | San Francisco, California

Using the STLR1 arrival, we fly directly over San Francisco. One of my favorite major cities in the USA. Of course, San Jose is always on top though ๐Ÿ˜‰ @BigBert10

Final Approach | San Francisco International

A cockpit view on approach for 28L at SFO. Itโ€™s an iconic and popular photo view!

Touchdown | San Francisco International

Arrival in San Francisco 4 minutes ahead of time. The (kind-of) butter of -95 V/S.

I appreciate you viewing my photos! Enjoy your day and happy flying!


Great photos! -although Iโ€™m not sure breadsticks are from France. :D


Ehh, close enough to Baguettes ๐Ÿ˜‚


Nice pictures and commentary!

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Oh oof :(


I must say, beautiful photos!

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Great photos!

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Lol I did the exact same flight yesterday

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Nice photos I wish I could of gone on that flight

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I love this one!!!

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