The effects of G-Force

Hello fellow aviators, I’m excited for my first feature post. I hope this is something that would add a new demension to our experience on IF. We fly a wide variety of aircraft on IF, but all pilots are subject to the effects of G force. I’ve been searching, but I’m surprised I haven’t seen a request for this. Hopefully this request shows that I put some thought into it. Here is how it might work. I’ve tried to break this down into some basic categories.

Visual: This is said to happen in phases. Beginning at about 4-5 sustained positive G’s pilots describe shrinking tunnel vision that begins to set in, followed by loss of color before full black out. By the amount and rate of G load the pilot chooses to put on the aircraft, he can control how slow or fast the effects of grey out occur. The onset of negative G produces a red out effect, but no blackout.

Audio: The keep it simple, perhaps a brief loss of audio after (visual) black out would work. some simulators have incorperated the pilots breathing as they exert themselves to pull G (this might not really work for IF though).

GLOC: G-force induced Loss Of Consciousness. You’ve offically pulled to much G! Of couse at this stage you’re passed out. I’m not sure we would want to simulate this in IF, but if we did a temporary loss of control imput would seem appropriate. Again not sure about this.

Building G resistance: As pilots fly and pull G they can build up higher tolerance to G. It would be interesting to have a experience system to build your G resistance. So over time you would be able to pull higher G for longer without blacking out.

G Force effects On/Off setting option: the most important feature. enough said. : )

That is it. So whether you test flying the 787, practicing you C-130 assault takoff, pulling high speed turns in a F-16 or practicing spins in a Citabria you can experience the affects of G-force on IF. Of course we know G’s are affected by factors such as speed, onset of control imputs, ect. I wouldn’t say it would be easy to incorperate (that would be ignorant), but maybe it wouldn’t be as hard to as other features to add. I hope you all enjoy and I’m curious to see what you think. Our community is the best!

See you in the IF skies ; )

Nice idea, although I’m not entirely sure IF is all about G-force simulation? It surely would add some realism though.

Remember to vote for your request ;)


I want to have an Over-G warning first off, so that I know when my skull is about to cave in.


LOL Agreed. I think a over-g tone or warning system is a great idea.


You’re right @anon31652286. Many in community might never see more than 2G if they are smooth airline pilots. I love flying the 737’s personally. IF is just such a great flight simulator, it seems like a natural fit. : )


What a well written first feature, nice one! I would be interested in an over-G warning, the audio & visual effects not so much.


Same here, Maybe a Little Over-G Warning in the top half of the screen could be an idea, much like FSX bar the audio and visuals.



If you install IF Assistant, it would tell you if you surpasses the gforce limit

Please correct me if I’m wrong :) because I never use it again since that app never went through I finished my flight :)


I’ll have a look at that, didn’t see any option on IFA originally.

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Even if you aren’t very fond of this idea, he suggested a on/off setting, which is a great idea.
I would vote for this because it would be interesting to try flying a fighter without pulling many Gs. And, when you don’t want to simulate h effects, just turn it off.

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@AIDoLS Thanks. Life is about options right? FDS definitely listens to the community’s thoughts. Maybe just the visual effects would be the best option for IF. It depends on what we all think and if the developers feel this is something we are interested in.

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Maybe this video fits in here:

And remember;
No acrobatics near airports!


How about incorporating a moving eyepoint in VC as well?

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@Major-Tom wow great video, I’m going to watch that again a couple times! it definitely belongs on this feature. The pilot is really working hard to max perform the Gripen under crushing G Forces. thanks for the post.


@C150_driver That’s a good idea. However I don’t think it relates to this specific topic. Check out this other feature below. I think this relates to your idea. We definitely want to hear more of your moving eyepoint idea here. : )

Locked/Following Free Camera

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Really haven’t heard a lot back on this topic. I was hoping to hear everyones thoughts. Anyone else wanna chime?

Um… what about when I do aerobatics on Casual and I can’t any more because of the effect. (I still think it’s a good request, just maybe if it was a setting it would benefit more)

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You’re correct, I totally agree with you. An on/off setting was part of the feature description that I included. Everyone should be able to choose if they want to fly with the setting or not. : )

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I don’t agree with:

  • on off setting
  • pilot breathing
  • building g resistance

Nice request! 👍🏻

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This could be good for realism, but not everyone wants to do everything in IF like they would in real life, that’s why we have things like a casual server. I already try to keep my turns at low level (Mach Loop for example) to a maximum of 5G.