The Economics of Ultra Long Hauls

In this video, everyone’s favorite informational youtuber, Wendover Productions, explains what are ULHs, and how airlines compete in the airline industry to link continents on opposite sides of the world. With the rapid increase in efficiency, these flights are becoming more common, but also is the competition.

I thought this video was very informational for people who may be expert, or may not know anything about the aviation industry. Once again, Sam’s videos always are intresting, and never fail to amaze me about both the topic, but all the research put into it!


I saw this yesterday, I love Wendover Productions. Very nice video :)


Wendover’s videos are great, I love his subchannel Half as Interesting as well!

And as we all know we’re lucky enough to receive many plane videos from him ;)


Watched it yesterday. Very informative and shows the path that commercial aviation will take from here on 🤔🤔

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I love watching wendover productions so informative and interesting!!

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