The Economics of Airline Class (Wendover Productions)

Very interesting video by Wendover! I love how he sticks to aviation related themes!


Thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to check it out.


I saw right before you posted this! It is a great video with lots of detail, love that channel.


Dude if Wendover Productions uploads a video, I will have watched it within 12 hours.


He is in my notification list. ;)

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I still don’t understand the praise that people give Wendover. Sure, his videos are good, and they offer plenty of good content, but I constantly leave his videos feeling like they are just missing things. In this video, he managed to miss many factors, including the introduction of many more fare classes to factor in both time and demand (aside from his introduction of “standard” versus “tourist” classes – ever wonder why Delta has E, V, X, T, U, L, K, Q, H, S, M, B, and Y classes just for Y class?). He also doesn’t talk about occupancy rates in classes (hence why Lufthansa only puts first on select aircraft and has been dropping the actual number of seats) or the increased cost of staffing for FAs, a better ground experience, etc., for premium cabin passengers. He also neglected to talk about the reduction in demand for F as J has gotten better – the CEO of Qatar Airways with the introduction of QSuites even said there isn’t a need for first class anymore because business is so good now. And his statements about economy class are also flawed – the demand for economy still exists in part as more and more businesses place restrictions on price for their employees to fly, with some being forced to fly the lowest possible fare. He doesn’t include anything about the actual reason why other airlines lack a first class cabin, including the fact that they either already dropped or they never had one in the first place to use, or the actual occupancy rate of any of these cabins. Sure, only 6 transatlantic airlines have a first class cabin left, but the remainder either never had a first class cabin or already dropped it long ago. For those who do have an F cabin, every time I’ve sat in them they’ve always been either empty or near empty, with a 25%-50% occupancy rate. In addition, it also seems as if he neglected the fact that other airlines exist, with BA as an example seeming relatively flawed with only using select route pairings and the idea that BA has an extremely high-density first and business class cabin, which is unlike most other airlines (the only other airline to use an 8-abreast configuration in J is UA’s old BusinessFirst), and other configurations airlines use are less packed than that Wendover talks about.

Sure, he’s made some good points and have established a good basic understanding, but a lot is missing. In his video regarding the 787 vs the A380, he neglected to talk about the actual use of 787s and A350s and the competition of other aircraft, and in other videos I still feel like he neglects to add in more of the argument. While I do appreciate his videos, and understand that he can’t put everything in because of time limits, I still feel as if he’s trying to talk about aviation like he knows what he’s doing yet still doesn’t understand/explain the big picture, and that’s where I feel like he’s trying to mislead people (for lack of a better word).


Damn…you know your sh!t. Imo he’s trying to appeal to the majority of people, so he can’t mention everything. At the end of the day, all he cares about is views. I still find it entertaining, he presents it in an interesting way.


Then the video would’ve been thirty-five minutes long.

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Just watched this vide this morning by coincidence …

Why not have a 35-minute video? Why not have a 2 hour long lecture, for all I care? (sarcasm intended)

Watched this last night, very boring

Tell that to Lufthansa Cityline who operate a340-300s with 298 seats in 3-class config
(They are comfy tho)

He glosses over a lot of information that an average person might not look at. Not a lot of people have any sort of airline background. You can always pull examples of exceptions on his videos. For example, first class/suites as we know it is very different than first class in the 1990s. As I often joke, I can probably teach an entire freshman-level university class on airline ticketing, fare theory, and how to leverage those to book cheap plane tickets.

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