The Early Winter Screenshot Competition! (Winners Announced!)

The Early Winter Screenshot Competition

Hosted By Wonderousbuilder641

Hello Infinite Flight Community, and welcome to the Early Winter Screenshot Competition! My name is Wonderousbuilder641 and I’ll be hosting this epic screenshotting contest. Come join me to have some fun, while competing for the title of best screenshotter on the IFC!!

How It’s Gonna Work

Step 1: 32 people sign up for the tournament

Step 2: The single-elimination tournament bracket gets made

Step 3: The Participants get 48 hours to submit their photos to me via P.M.

Step 4: The public voting period lasts for 24 hours to decide who moves on

Step 5: The tournament continues with 48-hour submitting periods and 24-hour voting periods

Step 6: The finalists face off

Step 7: The podium gets announced



• You must follow these Screenshot Guidelines

• Editing is allowed

• GIFs or videos are not allowed

• All pictures and edits MUST be yours

• You may not use any photos that you have used in a previous screenshot competition

• You must submit your photos before the deadline

• Be respectful when chatting in this thread

• Most importantly, have fun!


Good Luck!

All screenshots shown in this post have been captured by me


Sign me up

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I’ve got you signed up.

Sign me up

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sign me up!

Both of you have been added.


When is the first deadline?

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Sign me up to!

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I haven’t taken any photos for a long time, but perhaps my old photos will give me something. Going to give this a try.


Depends on how quickly we can get all 32 participants. I will let everyone know when I create the first deadline for photo submission.

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Sign me up

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Sign me up

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Both of you have been signed up!

I’ll sign up! Should I PM you my pic rn?

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I’ll sign you up! It’ll definitely be a couple of days before you are required to submit, but if you want to, you can send it right now.

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Alright, will do!

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Yes absolutely

I would like to join please, thanks!

I’ll get both of you signed up!

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Sign me up! Did one of these last year