The early rush hour of NZAA

The early rush hour from 5:30 -7:00 of the airlines and routes that fly to NZAA
Solo,flight was just the takeoff with a strong crosswind ,the time was sunrise and I have edited the pictures so they can be more viewable

The first picture is of a Qantas Freight 767 flight 7552 taking off for YSSY

2 Korean Air A330-300 flight 130 rotates for Soul Incheon

Thai Airways 787-8 flight 492 Bangkok

Air New Zealand 777-300 flight 101 to YSSY

Air New Zealand A320 flight 515 departs to Christchurch

JetStar A320 flight 202 departs to Sydney

Air New Zealand 777-300 flight 123 departs to Melbourne

Air New Zealand 787-9 light 175 departs to Perth

American Airlines 787-9 departs to Los Angeles

  • Airplane 1
  • Airplane 2
  • Airplane 3
  • Airplane 4
  • Airplane 5
  • Airplane 6
  • Airplane 7
  • Airplane 8
  • Airplane 9

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What was your favourite airplane
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The takeoff angle is just for fun


I like Auckland’s new departure procedures, really gives the pictures a sense of drama as you know that meals must be coming up in the cabin.


Those takeoffs were steep!!


Oh my, in number 6 that’s a 10/10 vertical takeoff ya hat there. Anyways great pics

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hey did you STALL when you did that
no reason because most of the time
when you take of vertical you stall
so HOW

not really i already know but you can just tell me anyway

I used up most of the runway gaining speed and rotated at an unreasonable speed 250IAS to be exact

oh dang tho did you stall at any time

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The alarm has come on but did not effect the flight at all

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😂😂 what is this

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