The Early 2024 Screenshot Competition

The Early 2024 Screenshot Competition

Hello everyone and welcome to this new screenshot competition! Over the course of the next few weeks we should hopefully be able to decide who the best screenshot taker in the community is.


This event will follow a champions league style format.

At the start for the event all participants will get sorted into eight groups randomly. In each group there will be 3 rounds where each player will face every other one in match. Depending on how a player fares in match they will be awarded a number of points:

Win: 3 points
Draw: 2 Points
Loss: 0 Points

Once all the matches have been completed the top 2 from each group will progress into a 16 player knockout style competition.


Please read these carefully before entering:

  • Participants must adhere to all the Screenshots and Videos Category Rules:
  • Participants may only submit still images, no gifs or videos allowed.

  • Participants can submit pictures they have already used in any posts or topics. However they may not use pictures the submitted in any other screenshot competition. I will not be strictly enforcing this, but, please adhere to the rule to keep it fair for everyone.

  • Participants can only submit their own pictures, all the pictures and editing done to it should be the participants own.

  • Participants must submit their photos before the specified deadline, extensions may be given on a case-by-case basis.

  • If a participant fails to submit a photo in the group stages, 1 point will be subtracted from their score. For every recurring time this happens an extra point will be subtracted. Eg: a participant failing to submit a photo for the 5th time will have 3 points subtracted for the round and 6 points subtracted in total.

  • Editing is allowed, more below:

About Editing:

Participants are allowed to edit photos, however this must be done in its limits.

Participants cannot add or remove any features from the game, eg: a new livery, realistic clouds, adding aircraft in post and realistic lights.

Adding lens flare and motion blur is fine they are both easily accessible and many editing styles depend on them.

For anyone confused about editing or wanting to learn, I’ve linked a great guide below:

I have not been able to cover every niche and tiny rule break’s, so please use you common sense while interpreting all these rules. If you have any questions or want to discuss these rules, please ask me. Better safe than sorry.

These rules are also subject to change, I will inform everyone if they do.

If you are found to be breaking a rule while a round is in progress, it will count as a loss for you


There will be 32 participants in total.

I will be running the competition using This will help keep the competition simple and readable. You can access the competition dashboard below: (only for group stages)

Dashboard for knockout stages:

The groups will be reshuffled when the competition is full

All the participants will be added to a group pm to keep communication smooth.

You will need 5 pictures at minimum and 7 at maximum. Please keep atleast 5 rule adhering pictures ready


This event is not affiliated or sponsored by any VA, VO, or Infinite Flight LCC

Please remain civil in all communication during this event to keep it fun for all.


Participant #1 is :


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Participant #2 is:


can i join?

You have to PM @Variable to enter. It’s in the original post.


ok thanks mort

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my bad

Participants 3 is:


Participant 4 is:


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Participant 5 is:


Participant 6 is:


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Participant 7 is:


I would love to join

Send me a PM please @United403

Participant 8 is:


Can i join?

Send a DM to @Variable as per the instructions in the post at the top.

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@Variable i sent you two screenshots, but it just flagged and said it was ignored, did you get the screenshots?
Why was it flagged?

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Could you please keep this conversation in the PM we have. Thanks!

Oh, I meant to send it in there

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