The Eagle Single 212!

This is probably one of my favourite helicopters to show off since it confuses people,
The Eagle Single Bell 212. Traditionally the Bell 212 is a twin engine medium lift helicopter.
Eagle Copters in Canada has a STC (Supplemental Type Certificates) for the 212 to be converted into a Single Engine helicopter!
They replace the twin PT6 and replace it with a single engine Honeywell T53. It basically turns into a Bell 205 Airframe with the look of a Bell 212. This allow us to lift more then the traditional Bell 212!

To do this conversion it takes 11,000 man hours.


These posts just get interesting everyday! I am not a rotor craft type of person so learning about these amazing machines is something new and interesting. Thanks for sharing Mark

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Welcome man! It’s pretty fun sharing a new aspect of aviation to people! Glad you enjoy these!

It is! The aviation world is so interesting and I love to learn new things about it!

Completely agree!!
It’s neat to be able bring a thing I know something about to the page and share my knowledge #SharingKnowledgeIsCaring


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