The E170 and E195?

Hey I was just wondering if the E170 and E195 will be reworked or removed?

They will be removed unfortunately


I guess there not that important in real life anyway

what makes you think that lol

I am personally curious about how IF will go about this in the future. If we ever get a B747 rework, will we get all the variants? Just the -400? It seems like we are swaying away from “rework everything” like the B777 to a more “rework just one and move on to another aircraft” type of strategy. While I understand the logic, it’s quite tricky to balance both delivering a satisfactory rework of a single aircraft type while maintaining diversity within the fleet.

Because especially in some aircraft (not the E-Jets specifically) there are multiple iconic variants that we would all love to see in-game.


Because there kinda unpopular in infinite flight and there not much of those planes flying around in real life. Honestly I don’t blame them for removing those 2 aircraft since they have quite a few aircraft to work on that are on demand.

there are a LOT of those planes still flying lol


Thank you for telling me that lol. Still, I don’t blame them at this point. Not a lot of people are flying those planes in infinite flight.

yeah i agree, especially since they are old aircraft

Indeed. Well thank you for telling me the information 🙂

And just to provide a source:

Is there any legacy aircraft that will be removed in the future besides the 2 Ejets and the Citation jet?

I also hope that the 767 will be done by 2024


Pun intended?



That just made my day 🤣

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Yes, pun intended lol

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I have no way of knowing

I do believe I heard that they were slowly removing their older aircraft if they weren’t going to be reworked. This is because a lot of IF’s new servers and other technical things won’t be able to support the outdated aircraft for much longer. Again, I think I heard this somewhere, don’t really have any evidence tho.

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