The Dynamic Trio @ KDCA

Hey everyone. I have more photos for you. Today was somewhat of a learning experience for me. I learned that my little 200mm lens maybe isn’t as powerful as I thought, and maybe I should double check that my photos are good before continuing to shoot with certain settings. Oh well. I’m destroying my sleep schedule to post this, so be grateful. Also, good morning Europeans ;) Its only 1 AM here. Enjoy

Colorado One coming in on runway 19. I may have gone a bit overboard with the gradient, but who cares 😎

A NEO battling the winds, as it was pretty gusty. This is an almost picture perfect example of @Kamryn’s X-Plane landings 🙂

Pixar Pier kinda ruined by a semi-over-the-top gradient that I don’t feel like fixing. Jessie seems pretty happy though

I felt like making the sky gray, so I did

Third special of the day, Piedmont Heritage gliding in from LaGuardia. I flew the same route in August, on PSA Heritage though :)

After switching locations to a place near the threshold of runway 22, we find ourselves looking at a 738 destined for Miami sitting short of 22 for some reason. Ended up sitting there for about an hour

Another 738 bound for Palm Beach joining its sister. This aircraft also got to sit for an hour. If I was about 2 feet taller, the barbed wire might not be a problem.

Ignore the heat haze and focus on the plane (rhyme 👍) Does anyone even read my captions

As it turns out, I’ve reached the photo limit for the IFC. Until next time, adios 👋

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Great pics, was a pleasure to scroll by!


Looks like the block of 15 to me; they don’t use the 22 block at the moment from my understanding. Probably sat there for flow reasons; the Florida flights get busy.

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Nice shots man. That American plane needs a bath! Lol

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That’s why I am going to bring a tall ladder when I go spotting

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Great, thanks

Yep, I forgot which runway was which. I think I would be in the Potomac if I was near 22


Have fun fitting it in a car

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Is that really a loss?

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Three special liveries 😱

I’m getting a truck when I get my license

Maybe I should get a boating license and sit around the airport

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Man doesn’t know that you can collapse ladders and put them in a car

Some ladders don’t collapse, and maybe they have a SmartCar

3 of my favorite livery all in the same topic No kidding those are 3 of my 10. Favorite liverys

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They’re all fantastic, and I’ve definitely got CO1 and Pixar Pier on my top 10

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