The Dutch Queen’s Final Trip Around The Sun


I know you’ve probably seen a bunch of KLM 747 photos Already today, I’ve already seen @AExones and @Anshul28 (You can see Aexones’ here and Anshuls here ) But anyway, KLM was originally going to retire their 747s in 2021, but due to the whole Coronavirus situation, they are now retiring them by the end of April. They fly them from Amsterdam to a couple of United States cities and on some beautiful routes to the Caribbean. Most notably, KLM flew their 747s to St Marteen in the Caribbean and over the Maho Beach approach, but they no longer fly the queen on that route. KLM still flies their 747s from Los Angeles and I decided to fly it Amsterdam as an overnighter. I landed in Salt Lake City from Atlanta (you’ll see that in a couple days) around 9:45 PM Eastern Time, and quickly spawned in at Los Angeles to start this flight before the sun set on the West Coast. I obviously used the KLM 747 and flight time was 9 hours and 43 minutes.

Flight Details

Los Angeles to Amsterdam
KLM 602 Heavy
Boeing 747-400

🇺🇸 • 🇳🇱

Rotating off of runway 24L at Los Angeles as the sun glows onto the runway
Blasting into the golden hour California sun Climbing out over Los Angeles and Southern California The sun sets as we climb to 33,000 feet over the east border of California The Orange Moon rises above the deserts of Arizona After hours of darkness and a disappointing sunrise over the North Atlantic we cruise above the hills and plains of Northern England Putting the gear down as we approach a gusty Amsterdam On final as 5 aircraft hold short judging my approach Rougher than sandpaper as we touchdown in Amsterdam! Having a KLM party as we taxi into the gate

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What airline held the 747s first flight on January 22, 1970?

  • British Airways
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Pan Am

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The answer to the last question was chewing gum which 75% of people got right!


awesome documentation of your flight!

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Great Shots!

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So sad to se her go. 😢 great pictures tho. How do you get the sun/moon in the game? I see them in all of these picture and I still don’t know?


Hol up, I thought KLM was retiring them on March 26th! Since when was it end of April?

nice pics btw

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Going to land in from EHAM in an hour! Hopefully it’s not that busy!

Nice pics!!!

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Darn, I wanted some wing flex on the rotation and the flare. The 747’s wing flex looks so pretty. Great photos!

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B747 into the sunset, very, very fitting.
Great topic and farewell to the KLM Queen of the Skies (in a week). Thanks for sharing!

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No! It’s so sad. Amazing photos and great work!!😀

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Thank you @Anshul28 and @AExones!

@Kimble_Ettelt thanks! The sun is always out during the day if it’s clear, and the moon is occasionally out at night if it’s clear

@Suhas oh ur right lol, I said April not March

@MJP_27 @Jack_Q thanks a lot guys! The 747 is so cool

@KindaTartySliceOfPie it’s sad to see her go, but It’s got to end some time :(


The 747 cruising into its final sunset! It’ll be missed! When I think of a 747, I think of KLM so in a week when they’re gone, it’ll be a change for sure


For me it’s BA, so I can imagine how this will be!

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Especially in a few years when all but the Cargo airlines have retired 747s, it’ll be a change for sure!

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These are beautiful!

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Thank you @Speedyyy!

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Wow those are amazing pretty sad the 747 is being retired