The Dutch pride

Hey guys :)
Been some time. Happy December (yay 🎅). How are you guys doing?
I’m doing fine, been through some tough times and now trying to start life up again. But hey… here I am. Providing some pictures for you guys, I really hope you enjoy them.
Last Friday I took the beautiful Orange pride for a little spin around the Netherlands. Because what isn’t Dutch about the orange pride livery ;)? Anyway it was fun (kinda) and I hope you’re gonna enjoy the pics I made for you.

Flight Details

Aircraft: KLM 777-300ER “Orange Pride”
Flight Time: I don’t remember
Butter? No
Route: EHAM-

Pictures :)

Replay messing with me a bit, spot the mistake ;). But here we are pushing back

Takeoff (thanks @Speedyyy for the edit❤️)

Chilling around in the air

More moon

Can’t have enough moon, haha

Thanks for viewing, even if you didn’t even liked the pictures I still wanna thank you for taking your time to still look at it😊.
Hope you enjoyed and cya around😊✌️


What an angle! Awesome shots as usual :)


Thank you 😊


From one Dutch person to another, great shots!


Bedankt bro👊


Wow. Nice photos man! They look amazing!


Lekker Fotos! 😉 really nice


Thanks Mason😄

Bedankt @GER-ALLIANCE_Lisa 😊 🛫

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Mooi photos, dank je

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you’re welcome! and nice pics :)

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The KLM rendering? I know, it sucks man.

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Why are there so many amazing pictures? :)
Nice job, love all the different angles.

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Great photos!

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I like the British airline in the second screen shoot. No it is a joke! I like your screen shoot

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heel fijn!

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Moonshots always seize to amaze me!

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@Speedyyy lovely edit

@Icelandair_TeamICE nicely spotted👀

Thank you very much @Mr-plane-guy1

@USA_ATC thanks Blake😊

@BayoMan 🇬🇧

@Louis dank je :)

@Will_W 🌝


Yooooooo soooooooo good. Amazing

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When even Noah says it’s good, then you know it’s good😂
Thanks mate

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Last time I flew (in real life) it was with KLM to amsterdam, its warm my heart to see this airline and this special livert! Thx for sharing man!

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