The Dulles Airport Flyout! Bren's Flyout Series 1.1 @KIAD 012100ZFEB20

Server : Expert

Airport : KIAD

Time : 2100Z 2020-02-01T21:00:00Z

In my opinion the most underrated airport in the United States, Washington Dulles, or KIAD, is our next stop on our flyout list!

This airport is extremely unique, which is why I like it so much! It has some awesome places to spot aircraft and it even is the worlds last airport to regularily use mobile lounges!

It is a hub for United Airlines and is also served by several International Carriers including Emirates, Air France, Cathay Pacific, and more!

I hope to see you there as this will be a really fun flyout!

Please consult the list below to pick your gate!

Concourse A
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain Callsign (optional)
1A United Express (Air Wisconsin) KDAY CRJ-200
1B United Express (Air Wisconsin) KUNV CRJ-200
1C United Express (Air Wisconsin) KAVP CRJ-200
1E United Express (SkyWest) KSHD CRJ-200
1F United Express (Air Wisconsin) KSTL CRJ-200
1G United Express (Air Wisconsin) KELM CRJ-200
2A United Express (Mesa) KRDU CRJ-700
2B United Express (Mesa) KCLT CRJ-700
2C United Express (Mesa) KCVG CRJ-700
2E United Express (Mesa) KCLE CRJ-700
2F United Express (Mesa) KCMH CRJ-700
2G United Express (Mesa) CYUL CRJ-700
3A United Express (Air Wisconsin) KMDT CRJ-200
3B United Express (Air Wisconsin) KILM CRJ-200
3C United Express (Air Wisconsin) KCAE CRJ-200
3E United Express (Air Wisconsin) KTYS CRJ-200
3F United Express (SkyWest) KLWB CRJ-200
4A United Express (Mesa) KBUF CRJ-700
4B United Express (Mesa) CYYZ CRJ-700
4C United Express (Mesa) KROC CRJ-700
4E United Express (Mesa) KRIC CRJ-700
4F United Express (Mesa) KSYR CRJ-700
5A United Express (Air Wisconsin) KMHT CRJ-200
5B United Express (Air Wisconsin) KHSV CRJ-200
5C United Express (Air Wisconsin) KROA CRJ-200
5E United Express (Air Wisconsin) KRIC CRJ-200 @Niccckk
5F United Express (Air Wisconsin) KAVL CRJ-200 @JuanCrafter_Pro
6A United Express (Mesa) KORF CRJ-700
6B United Express (Mesa) KLGA CRJ-700
6C United Express (Mesa) KGSP CRJ-700
6E United Express (Mesa) CYOW CRJ-700
A14 Air France LFPG A380-800
A15 Virgin Atlantic EGLL 787-9
A19 KLM EHAM 777-200ER
A22 Emirates OMDB A380-800 @Captainshayan
A23 Air China ZBAA 747-8
A26 Porter CYTZ Q400
A31 Royal Air Maroc GMMN 787-8
A32 Cathay Pacific VHHH A350-900
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain Callsign (optional)
B37 Qatar Airways OTHH 777-300ER
B40 Ethiopian HAAB 787-8
B41 ANA RJAA 787-10
B44 Lufthansa EDDF 747-8
B45 Air India VIDP 777-200LR
B48 Avianca SKBO A320-200 @IFFM_jhon_Garcia
B49 British Airways EGLL 747-400
B50 Copa Airlines MPTO 737-800
B62 Southwest KDEN 737-800 @Rodrigo_Villalobos
B63 Alaska KSFO A320-200
B64 Southwest KATL 737-700
B65 Alaska KLAX A320-200
B66 Delta KSEA A319-100
B67 Alaska KSEA A320-200
B70 Delta KSLC 737-800
B71 American KLAX 737-800
B72 Delta Connection (Endeavor) KJFK CRJ-200
B73A American Eagle (PSA) KCLT CRJ-900 @Messenger116
B74 Delta Connection (SkyWest) KDTW CRJ-900
B75 American KDFW 737-800
B76 Delta Connection (SkyWest) KMSP CRJ-900 @Smax DLVA857
B78 Delta KATL 737-900ER
B79 Sun Country (Generic) KMSP 737-800
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain Callsign (optional)
C01 United LLBG 777-200ER
C02 United LSZH 787-9 @RomeoStuff24 UVAL145
C03 United EDDF 777-200ER
C04 United LFPG 777-200ER
C05 United EGLL 777-200ER
C06 United KSAN 757-200
C07 United LIRF 777-200ER
C08 United RJTT 777-200ER @anon39682098 UVAL203
C09 United TJSJ 737-900ER @Kevinsoto1502
C11 United EHAM 767-300ER
C12 United KFLL A320-200 @CaptainZac United 1231
C14 United SBGR 767-300ER @United2 UVAL224
C17 United ZBAA 787-9
C18 United KRSW A320-200 @anon57683537
C19 United KSAT 737-900ER
C20 United KDFW A320-200
C22 United MMUN 737-900ER
C23 United KMCO 737-900ER @Bren_McDonell UVAL190
C24 United KSEA 737-900ER
C26 United KPDX 737-900ER
C27 United KSFO 777-200ER @Eugene_Leybovich
C28 United Express (Mesa) KBTV CRJ-700
Concourse D
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain Callsign (optional)
D01 United KIAH 737-800 @United10
D02 United KLAS 737-800
D03 United KATL 737-800 @Thunderbolt
D04 United KBNA 737-800 @EpicNYC04
D05 United EBBR 777-200ER
D06 United Express (Mesa) KOKC CRJ-700
D07 United KDEN 787-9
D08 United MBPV 737-700
D10 United Express (Mesa) KCHS CRJ-700
D11 United KSAN 737-900ER @Captain_T_Malone
D12 United KSMF 737-800
D14 United MMMX A320-200
D15 United LSGG 767-300ER
D16 United Express (Mesa) KPIT CRJ-700
D18 United Express (Mesa) KSAV CRJ-700
D19 United KEWR A320-200 @UnitedGuy19
D20 United Express (Mesa) KDTW CRJ-700 @bouncy_butter
D21 United PHNL 767-300ER @Key
D23 United KMCI 737-700
D24 United KLAX 737-900ER
D26 United MKJS 737-800
D29A United TAPA 737-900ER
D30 United Express (Mesa) KBDL CRJ-700
D32A United Express (Mesa) KIND CRJ-700
D32B United Express (Mesa) KMSY CRJ-700
Remote Stands
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain Callsign (optional)
R3 Volaris MSLP A319-100
R5 SWISS LSZH A330-300 @TransportForLife
R7 Scandanavian EKCH A330-300
R9 Saudia OEJN 787-9
R11 Saudia OERK 787-9
R12 Aeroflot UUEE A330-300
R13 United TNCM 737-700
R14 Korean Air RKSI 777-200ER
R15 Icelandair BIKF 757-200
R16 Boeing House KDCA 787-8 @baseball_inferno
R17 Avianca El Salvador MSLP A320-200
R19 Etihad OMAA 787-10
R22 South African Airways FAOR via DGAA A330-300
R24 United LEBL 767-300ER
R26 Turkish Airlines LTFM 777-300ER
R28 Lufthansa EDDM A350-900 @BadPlane
Concourse Z
Gate Airline Destination ICAO Aircraft Captain Callsign (optional)
Z06 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYUL CRJ-200
Z07 Frontier KMCO A320-200
Z09 Air Canada Express (Sky Regional) CYYZ E175
Z10 Frontier KAUS A320-200
Z12 Frontier KLAS A320-200
Z14 Frontier KDEN A320-200

|FEDEX 04|FedEx|KMEM|MD-11F|||
|FEDEX 05|FedEx|KIND|MD-11F|||
|FEDEX 06|FedEx|KEWR|MD-11F|||

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Hope to see everyone there!


I’ll be there!

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Ill try my best to come.

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You may need to take me off, but since it’s in February I’ll wait and see the situation

I’ll leave you on for now, let me know what happens

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Give me D20 to KDTW please! :)

You got it!

Attendees still needed and we are two weeks out from the event!

Please sign up!

hello everyone would like to participate B48 Avianca SKBO A320-200 thanks

You got it!

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Just over one week to the event!

One week to the event! Sign up if you can come!

Four days to the event! Lots of gates still available!

i’ll be glad to join this
but i dont know wich local time is it i live in spain, callsign (Lufthansa 747 Heavy

C12 United A320 To KFLL. Call sign United 1231. Username @ZacPen

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You have both been added!

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thanks but what time will be on spain

Lemme set that up

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Set it up, your time should show

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